Running in the lowlands.

Wowee.  I went for a run today.  It was the first real run at regular altitude.

I was really surprised.  I had a feeling it might be good, because I was trotting up the hill today with the dog and found I was not at all short of breath like I have been in New Mexico.  But I had no idea.

I only ran for a short time,….It was cold, rainy and I was concerned since I had not been running, I might have a hard time. 

As it turned out, training at altitude has helped me.  I was able to run longer than expected, and I never really got short of breath.  Each time I increased speed (about every quarter mile) I was able to do it.  I ran actually faster than I did in the race in Moab and felt less Short of breath etc. 

So Yaaay.  I'm still slow, but I'm about a half a minute faster than I was before I left.


This all bodes well for a return to Altitude after some more intensive training this summer. We'll see though, my life has a way of changing rapidly.

Things are looking good for running.  I hope I can keep it up injury free.

And I want to lose some weight.  There is a bit of a debate here, as certain people do not want me to lose weight…but I know that I can do it healthfully…and they are not my monitors.  ;)  Or maybe they are, but they aren't handy.  LOL.

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6 thoughts on “Running in the lowlands.

  1. It's an awesome feeling to return to the lowlands after acclimating to altitude. What sucks is that it goes away within several weeks. Oh well, forget about that, just enjoy yourself.
    And who knows?
    Maybe it is not the altitude at all… maybe you are simply a more physically fit and better trained runner!

  2. Yes, hence the plan to return to Altitude in 13 weeks. Sort of a legal doping….but also, I have some convienient non running reasons to get back to altitude…..

  3. Yes you should loose some weight because you think you
    should and as you said a little bit, that means your realistically looking at
    your weight for your body size. Hell I need to lose some weight I will never
    have a six pack set of abs but at times we all need to clean away a few pounds.

    And its good that you have found running at altitude is good
    for you, even just walking and working at altitude will help out with your cardio,
    stamina and make your body more proficient at how it uses air. And with the
    right running you will be able to gain the speed you want, as long as you don’t
    use altitude with attitude and think you can go at it full tilt, a good way to permanently
    injury yourself and that’s not a smart thing to do! So be careful, injury bad more
    happier you good!

  4. Isn't that a great feeling? When I moved from Colorado to Illinois, I thought I could run forever. There was all this AIR in the air! Of course that wore off after a few months but you now see why athletes train at altitude.

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