Every dog has his day….

And today was apparently Teulu's.


Teulu was behaving a bit restless last night, not ill behaved, but just a little restless.  I was not in a particularly good mood, and so that may actually be why he was the way he was.

So today I decided to entertian him as much as I could.

He started the day with a 45 minute walk about the neighbourhood.  After that, we picked up some loose branches and piled them up as it is brush pick up next week.  He really enjoyed this as we got to pull up lots of braches and that meant uprooting wet leaves, lots of sniffing. 

then he seemed sleepy, so I took some time at the local coffee shop, paid some taxes, found my missing W-2's (What a hassle), returned some emails, and changed my address properly (to the PO box), got the oil changed and the plugs etc changed. 

I came home, Teulu was sleeping on the bed.  I took him out again for another walk.  The sun had finally come out so we enjoyed that walk.  We walked for about 30 minutes, I met one of the new neighbours, very friendly man with rabbits and a very nasty dog named Cinnamon….People should really think before they name their dogs.  This poor guy spends a good deal of his time walking his dog saying loudly, "Cinnimon, Cinnamon,now Cinnamon…"

After that walk, I finished my lunch, did a few more administrative things. 

Teulu found a cow hoof in the corner that he had left here.  He was very excited, and happy to have this treat to chew and essentially carry about…

I decided he was happy enough and went running.  He did stare out the window at me, but neglected to bark.

After my run and shower, it was time to walk the dog AGAIN.  On our walk we ran into Sundancer and his Mommy.  Teulu was his usual horrible self.  Sundancer's Mom was kind enough to let them play in the back yard.  He ran around and ran and ran.  Sundancers Mom and I talked about Santa Fe, the neighbourhood, and the winter weather.  I'm so embarassed, I can not recall her or her husbnads name, only the name of the dog!!!!!

At some point, I mentioned casually how I was going to get Teulu a soccer ball, hopefully that he couldn't destroy.  Turns out that Sundancer had a Indestructible ball, that he hates.   Sundancers Mommy got out the ball and Teulu went absoloutely crazy!  He was in heaven.  He ignored Sundancer (who is a bit older and not as interested in playing), and Sundancer's Mom, and me, and played with that ball for almost 45 minutes.  Sundancer's Mom put the ball in a bag and we took it home.  I haven't gotten it out again, as it's pretty hard.  

After this Teulu got to participate in more stick collections…

And he still has some energy.  He has finally settled, as the sun is going down. 

Whew.  I am tired.  I suppose every dog has his day.  I'm not sure I can keep up with Teulu!!!!

Unfortunately for him tomorro is the day I make a large attempt to mastermind my taxes.  Lets see how that goes.  I imagine we shall be doing a little less walking.  he might even have to run about in the back yard…..alone! 

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8 thoughts on “Every dog has his day….

  1. Well, Teulu is one lucky dog! The only entertainment I had today was going to a movie (Stop Loss) by myself. But, like you, I did get some good work on taxes done. That always is a relief!

  2. Its nice to
    know you really pay attention to your dog, when you have the time and have a
    place for Teulu to play when you don’t, too many people get dogs and don’t
    properly walk them or don’t properly pay any attention to them. You can hear
    them yelling out the dogs name repeatedly expecting them to answer them or at
    least behave. But if you haven’t put the time and energy into spending with the
    dog it will not respond, just like kids!

  3. >And he still has some energyThats normal – I cant also keep up with Findur :)Too bad thanks to normal work one rarely has the time for real playing with the dog …

  4. I'm sure Teulu enjoyed *his* day. We can tell when Beacon and Haven are bored and haven't gotten enough fun time. Then they're always happy and content after we've spent some time with them hiking or fetching in the river. I'm sure Teulu appreciates the time that you spend with him.

  5. i should clarify that teulu generally gets 1-3 walks each day, but not usually quite so much play time with other dogs and the indestructi-ball was a major major treat. he is still loving it a day later which is an accomplishment.

  6. What a spoiled dog! 🙂 Like Amanda wrote, I'll bet Teulu is somewhat calmer and more content today. What exactly is this invinci-ball? A human ball or a dog toy?

  7. The indestructi-ball, is actually a dog toy. It's usually marketed showing a bunch of Rottweilers playing with it. It doesn't work for all dogs because this size anyway, wont fit int he mouth, but it suits Teulu who pushes it around with his nose, flings it backwards in a digging motion, and chases after it….he is still loveing it three days later. I am going to have to send those neighbours some home made dog treats….

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