On the Road again…

Lots of doo dads here, not anything interesting to write about….but i am writing anyway.

Well, today is my last day in my house.   i have to say I have really enjoyed getting re-aquainted with my home.  I know why i bought it because I really do Loooove it.

I managed to get a lot of tree trimming and brush clean up done while at home, a wierd thing, no matter how much brush i pick up, it doesn’t really look that different, but I think the brush pile makes me look industrious to my neighbours who don’t really know what to think of me.  LOL.

I’d photograph the brush pile, but my Camera is broken.  In fact, i am a bit frustrated as I can not photograph anything.

I got my taxes done and am eagerly awaiting my refund and “economic Stimulus money”  unfortunately for mr Bush, i will probably spend the refund money either paying off my car or my student loan, and putting some more money into an IRA.  I truely wish I could show a photo of what the living room looked like after that experience.  I still have to clean up the paper mess.  Turbo tax made my taxes pretty easy though and despite having to round up about 50 pieces of paper, I finished fairly quickly (not including the drive into Durham to pick up a W-2.)

I did not get any improvements to the interiors of the house done and may actually leave it messier than when I found it.  Oops.

Washed the dog today.  That as always is an adventure.  It seemed that he wasn’t that dirty while I was washing him, but when I saw the water that rinsed off of him, he was pretty darn dirty, its 88 outside today so he’s drying outside…

Lots of water shaking going on!

But I did finally totally unpack the car, so it can be repacked.  I am trying to take less this time, if at all possible.

I’m looking at the Cannon elph, as my next camera.  I want something that is easy to carry with me when I am walking the dog or running on trails.  However, I did love having the big zoom on my camera, so if anyone has any suggestions, I suppose I could spend some of my tax refund on a camera.  Any suggestions???

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4 thoughts on “On the Road again…

  1. Florida here you come!!!
    I paid off Uncle Sam last month! (We've been paying him since 2000) So we will be getting an economic stimulus check, too. We will immediately send it to the credit card people to help pay for our Europe trip back in January.
    Our dogs need a bath, too. I'm just not ready to battle with Jordan over how he does such a poor job. 😦
    Have a safe trip!

  2. Depending on how much you want to spend I might have some suggestions for you. Also http://www.dpreview.com is a good site for camera reviews. They're very detailed, although could be a bit more technical that you're looking for.
    I hope you're having a good trip!

  3. On the Camera front: DP Review is a great place to find out what is good. You will not go far wrong with a Canon ELPH (aka. PowerShot "SDxxx" I think). While the PowerShot ELPHs look nice I cannot help thinking they may be a bit "style-over-substance", so perhaps take a look at the equally capable PowerShot "Axxx" range. They look a bit more chunky but may be cheaper, so you will get more features for your money.
    Also, try not to be seduced by "Mega Pixels" – anything around 8MP will give you enough detail to print up to A4 size.

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