So.  I am using Brighthouse here in florida for Cable and internet services.  So far this has been very difficult.

I called on monday and initially no one returned my calls, so i called the company direct (rather than the special deal person they initially gave me). The company was of course not able to come on the 2 days I had off this week.  So I was going to have to call and get a new appointment when I got more of my schedule.

Then miraculously the saleslady was able to somehow force an appointment for Tuesday.  I was thrilled.  The guy was going to arrive on Tuesday between ten and one.  While I was awaiting him the hospital called and asked if i couldnt fill out my paperwork etc on tuesday.  So I said well, how about at 2 pm, figuring that would definitely give me enough time.

Well, Cable guy was late, I suggested that I needed to be somewhere, and that maybe we could do this another day.  he insisted that it would only take a few minutes.  It of course took him about 30 minutes and it now turns out he didnt install all of my television channels.  I am supposed to have an inane amount- 200-  I have 50.  I need about 5.  I would not complain but i dont have bravo and I want to catch up on last seasons Project runway which I missed while in NM with no TV!  I really couldn't complain I figure because they had forced the appointment but I discovered when I was on the phone for a protracted amount of time with the technical support today, that I will actually recieve a 20 dollar credit if he "really was late".  I am many things but usually I can be counted on to not lie about something as simple as on time or not.  And normally i wouldn't want to get anyone in trouble, but that guy was annoying as hell.  (I think this is the first time i have used that word in writing) and I think he deserves that.).

Cable guy says he can not install a splitter as its against regs.  So today I got a splitter,  I didnt realize I needed another cable wire to go with it. I cant figure out how to use it, call the company, they were able to explain it over the phone but it did take me a long time to "get it"  I proceeded to become quite annoyed because it seems just getting basic cable and internet service in one room is going to now take the majority of my day.  I now have to drive into the office to get the second cable.  Grrrrrr.

Well.  I relish the idea of being able to watch some television while playing babble so I clearly need to get this fixed.  I just dread having to call back yet again to get the Bravo channel installed properly over the phone.

  Not really what I wanted to do on my day off today. 

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5 thoughts on “Annoyed

  1. Update on this. Good Gracious. 5 calls later a service person took pity on me, and explained which wires go where on the splitter. EVERYTHING is working now albeit the TV reception is not super but considering how much i watch the TV no biggie. I'm so happy. But golly why did that take 5 phone calls AND a trip to the office today….

  2. That stinks. I have decided that ALL cable companies are a crock and deserve to all burn. I am so happy I no longer have cable (except for my precious internet access…but I haven't had any problems with it – knock on wood!). I despise cable companies.

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