new trainer.

I think I have a new trainer.  Oddly it's a woman, and I don't usually like working with women. 

This one, however, seems to be workable.  So, we'll see.  I start tuesday, which should give me enough time to heal up my lung infection….

She seems to already have my number.  Within about 20 minutes of talking she said that I really did not have any perception of essentially anything.  So….apparently despite what I think, I am appropriately sized…and may have some strength left.  I am not good at pushups, however. 

tuesday its fire up time.  I think she might kill me.

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7 thoughts on “new trainer.

  1. Yay! I hope you are well enough to jump in with both feet and not have too much trouble with it.
    heh, Chris and I walked last night while Jordan was in his martial arts class. Takes about ten minutes to walk around the building at a brisk enough pace to make my heart beat faster and my breathing to increase, but not enough to make me pant or struggle to walk/breathe/whatever. I was done after three rounds. My legs were burning and I just didn't think I could go around another time. I'm so out of shape. ~sigh~ Chris was disgusted that I was ready to quit after just 30 minutes. He quit, too. I told him he could keep walking but he wouldn't do it without me.

  2. Well no
    more flirting with your trainer now! And she is probably much better then your
    four legged one, Teulu gave you too many rest stops instead of pushing you. Unless
    you were supposed to carry him, either way it sounds by your post you are
    feeling better and some times you have to push through the pain to achieve a
    better you, HAPPY TRAINING!

  3. Two complete classes in and he is still enjoying it. They awarded 'stripes' last night. I'm not sure how that works on the whole belt thing—but the instructor ensured Jordan that if he kept his attitude and his work up that there would be a stripe for him in without a doubt next month.
    It's not hot, yet. Well, it is in the middle of the day—-but we were walking between 7 and 8. I got a little 'glisten-ey' but not sweaty. (remember ladies don't sweat, we glisten. LOL!!) It wasn't bad. I don't handle hot well so I have to be careful. Hopefully we can keep this up and then when summer really gets here I'll be conditioned and can handle it a lot better than last year.

  4. I always remember being told, "Horses sweat, ladies glow…."

    Katie – good luck with the training. I'm considering getting a personal trainer to push me harder, but it's not cheap!

  5. 1. I hope you are feeling better. I am going to guess that it is the extremes you have been traveling too and from that might have gotten to you this year. (The warm weather to the crazy cold back to really warm.)

  6. I have never worked out with a woman trainer either. I will patiently await to hear the final verdict. I would LOVE to have Jillian Michaels as a trainer though. She'd kick my ass.

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