Another nice surprise.

This morning when I came in to work my charge nurse teased me saying he had put a pink slip in my mail box….

He is a natural kidder, so I knew that there wasn't a pink slip in there.  All the same, because I am the way I am, I had to at least look, right???

I found 2 envelopes in there…one a note from the charge saying that the other charge RN had been "singing my praises" etc….  The other a note from the Manager of the department saying how pleased she was with my work and that I was a "good fit" (which is a key word in the industry…).  In both envelopes were coupons; one for the cafeteria and one for Panera Bread….

Initially I thought this was what they did for everyone.  But  then the other traveler I was working with noticed the envelopes and charged off to her mailbox to look for her goods.  Nothing in hers. ooops. I feel pretty happy to be recognized.  One thing that was really nice is that the manager makes handmade cards, and the card she gave me was very very pretty which made it a bit more special…

So, all's well.

Still trying to decide what to do next.  Spoke for 15 minutes with H. tonight and was reinvited to come out to Santa Fe,  but was also suggested strongly that if I was doing well with training, I should probably stay put in Florida. 

I have to register for The Other Half  in May, and its at altitude, so I need to make some choices soon. I could do a different half, but Moab is fun, and Santa Fe could be really fun in the right situation….


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5 thoughts on “Another nice surprise.

  1. You have barely begun training where you are and already
    choices to go back or stay, “H” sounds like a good person not to pressure you because
    both situations probably have good advantages as well as pitfalls.

    So if I could give you one peace of advice is do what ever
    is right for you, not for anyone else but you. For you can’t please everyone,
    and your decision is that which you will carry in your mind and experiences for
    the rest of your life. And Teulu’s life but anywhere you go tail wagging and walks
    and unconditional love will come with!

    Good luck I am of no help! And it sounds like you are not
    only doing good but enjoying your new work place!

  2. That's nice that you were recognized for your hard work. It sounded like when you started you weren't sure that your work was being appreciated.

  3. It's nice that your boss took a moment to recognize your work. That is an art that I fear is lost in today's world. Keep up the good work and I'm sure it will lead to bigger things.

  4. Congrats on getting some recognition. Hopefully that has helped in your wondering whether or not you'll like your time in this position.

  5. It is nice to be recognised. I keep telling my manager that not enough of that goes on around here. People only get called out for their great work when they're moving into another role. We end up having to tell everyone else of our achievements, rather than our managers doing it, and I for one, am not good about bragging.

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