My lucky day….

It was noted by jeffandrew916 that I've really had a string of bad luck lately.  This does seem to be true especially where my health (lungs) are concerned.  But today I had a pretty darn lucky day.

I had my fit test today with new trainer.  I also had to get my membership situation situated.  Apparently they dont normally do temp memberships, so they didnt know what to do.  I was really not wanting to pay for a 6 months membership, since I have no clue where I'll be in 6 months.  Initially they tried to tell me as long as I was training I could use the facility only training days.   That didnt really make me very happy, so after some finagleing she talked to the manager of training and the gym manager, and they agreed to charge me the regular gym rate for 3 months only as long as I paid it all up front.  I was pretty happy with this.  Lucky times one.  So then, I discovered they have a rather steep "Initiation" fee (I do wonder what for..but I am sure it's for profit.)  Oddly, they are having a bit of a special on this as well, and the nice girl up front asked me to pick a number out of a hat to see what percentage I might save on the initiation fee.  I grabbed one, and it said 100%, so, I didn't have to pay the initiation fee. Lucky times two!.  And they are having a training special so I was able to buy a 20 session package at the member price plus 20% off.  So, in the end, I have access to a super gym, a decent trainer for the next ten weeks, all for less than I was paying in Wilmington.  So Lucky number three!!!  nice to save cash.

fit test was not the best.  I have gained a few pounds.  I can still hang out in plank position for a good long time, so that was good.  I did a few push ups, which I am not fond of and barely able to do, and a timed step test.  By the end of the step test, I felt wheezy and coughy, but…it really wasn't hard.  my heart rate was a little wacky…128 after the test, but she noted that my heart rate was essentially plummeting and recovering well…We then did some weights, and that was it.  It wasn't much, but I am embarassed to say I felt a little tired afterwards, and then oddly spent an hour coughing and wheezing.  I am looking forward to doing a lot more exersise and increasing my time back up to a more normal time.    I do keep wondering what has happened to my lungs…and why were they replaced paper bags?

So, it's been my lucky day.  Hopefully this can continue.  šŸ™‚

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7 thoughts on “My lucky day….

  1. Congratulations on your lucky day! Good workout though. I'm tapering for my race this week and I am so restless and my legs are getting "fresher", yet I need to make sure that my next couple of runs I don't run too hard.

  2. they did have a monthly fee, but it was quite a bit steeper than the regular monthly fee, so since I have a nice trainer, she managed to get the regular fee for me, rather than the vastly inflated monthly fee. Since I move so much, its nice when this happens….

  3. I'm glad to see the luck is changing…It kind of had too right??? As for the fitness test, think of it as a challenge. I've had a few injuries in my career. (3 stress fractures and was hit by a car another time) In a lot of ways I always enjoyed coming back from the time off. There was no pressure to be at a certain level and unlike any other time in my training I could really see the results from each workout (once you're really fit you can work really hard and see next to no improvement). In this sport we have to embrace the challenges and take joy in accomplishments as we reach them. Best wishes and hope the lucky days start stacking up on you.

  4. You've been eating your lucky charms, haven't you?
    My legs get tired just walking up 2 flights of stairs at the moment – steps are a complete bugger though, cos I might be able to run for miles, but a few steps takes the wind out of me completely!

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