Working it on out

So, I'm really back into training.  it definitely is a welcome addition to my life,  but it is a bit painful and intimidating.

My trainer is alright.  She is nicely focused, and pays attention to whats going on.  My only complaint is that she tends to be a bit enthsiastic when i finish a rep or something.  I know that some people like to be cheered for, and I really do like to be cheered for, but not for finishing a regular rep of weights.  I did give her a few funny looks, and she has toned the cheering down.  I hope by our next workout, she stops that entirely.  I can not figure out a nice way to say hey dont do that, but she does seem to be getting it with 'the look".  I also can not imagine she really enjoys cheering for a slightly chubby woman who has finished one rep of lat pull downs. Really…


I did a 5 minute jog on the treadmill and she noted right away that I have a swing in my right leg.  Once she mentioned it, she said, "well now its gone" because I was able to correct it.  I think I only do it on the treadmill, but I am unsure.  So, one day we have to go down to the track and I get to run for her. I like that she picks up on stuff rapidly and immediately says something rather than watching it for a while. 

other than that she said I was really easy to work with because I won't break form even when the reps get hard.  Brendan trained me to not break form, and it is nice to see he trained me well!  SO I think i should get a discount, because for the most part she is telling me, OK, now we are going to do this…have you done it before? Yes, well…do it.  She wants me to run with the thursday running group, but I'm not really up for that.  She has added some new drills which i had not done before that are really a blast, soooo I am enjoying that.


So, i am back to running, lifting and swimming.  running pretty slowly, but its fun.  the pool is wonderful, though I am now getting quite a sunburn.  i keep putting on the waterproof sunscreen, but i am not sure its waterproof when you are submerged.  I now have actual strap marks all over my back, which I have not had since I was about 14 and doing laps for the swim team all summer.

Registration for The other Half in moab in october is open now.  I am trying to decide about it. I'll be doing a Half sometime in Sept/October, but it doesn't have to be at Altitude.  Probably I should ask trainer about what she recommends.  Or the resident runners here on Vox? 



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2 thoughts on “Working it on out

  1. I am glad to hear the work-outs are going well! Definitely nice to have someone who pays close attention to the details…but I am with ya on the cheering. That would make me nuts!

  2. Oh swimming
    how I wish I could do that sinking I am very good at, but it is very good
    exercise and resistance training, Good luck!

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