I ran again today and at mile two my left leg got a cramp, which turned into just a bit of pain.  I stopped at 2.75, and rested. Eventually, I headed over to the gym.  I thought I would lift some weights, use the ellipitical and swim.  Well.  the Marines are using the pool for some sort of water exersises.  So I skipped that, and ended up finding the ellipitcla a little trying.  So, I actually ended up doing a fairly good strength workout.  I am amazed that I actually enjoyed it.

Bosu ball squats, crunches with the big ball (for some reason really painful to my back), "Pick pockets",  chest press, biceps, triceps, lat pull down, "running arms", and even the horrible farmer lunges.  I really hate doing lunges I don't have good balance, and when I do them across the gym, I feel like everyone is watching me.  Today I found the aerobics studio was open and no one was in there, so I found that doing the darn lunges in there made sense.  And now when trainer girl asks me what I've been doing this week, I can actually say I did do some lunges.

Tomorro, I need to continue to rest the leg…so swimming, if I can beat the Marines to the pool, the ellipitical instead of running…and probably should do some more of those entertaining lunges.


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2 thoughts on “strain?

  1. I get cramps and knots in my legs. Calves mainly. Have you heard of The Stick? I use it before and after runs and it does a great job of loosening up the muscles.

  2. many people swear by the stick. i am sure they have one at the gym and I should try it! today i am still feeling the slight pain, so resting….i wish I had to work, so that at least I would have a real excuse for resting…

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