Yay for the gym

I have decided that I am emphatically in LOVE with The National Training Center.  In a lot of ways, it is just a typical gym, in fact, it's smaller than some typical Bally's or other mega gyms…but there are some really special things about it. 

The Pool is astounding.  this is actually not the pool.  The NTC pool is actually BETTER.

They have a moveable bulkhead, which can be expanded or shortened.  It is so wide that they can put lane lines width wise, or length wise.  When they are length wise, I feel like I am swimming forever and can not find the end of the pool.  It's an outside pool, but it remains supa-supa clean.  In fact, never have I seen anything except water and lane lines floating in the pool.   

The fitness equipment is regular.  I do like that they keep the aerobic studio and the spinning studio open when there aren't classes.  I'm able to duck in there and do a bunch of exersises that i wouldn't normally do in a public area.  So, it's a huge bonus to me…it's also good to have the full length mirrors to look at to see exactly what I am doing. 

There are towels for all members.  Some gyms like to charge for that, and while I can easily bring a towel, its nice to have fresh ones, isn't it?

There are really elite atheletes training there.  There are also really un-elite atheletes.  The elites are rather intimidating and inspiring at the same time.  An example is swimming.  I swam  most of my life on a swim team.  So, I can swim pretty well, but I am by no means a competitive swimmer at this point.  i just tool up and down the pool.  When i swim, there are often champion or wanna be champion swimmers in the pool with their personal coach, working on stroke mechanics etc.  For some reason I have decided I must do flip turns, just like the pros.  they are probably good

for me in some way or another.  I haven't done them in years so I am consistently misjudging the wall, and getting water up my nose. 

When I am doing strength, I get to observe people of all ages who are really in super shape…it inspires me and also makes me wonder what exactly I think I'm going to achieve.  I've found the guys to be, as usual, friendlier than the girls.  Since my face tends to get really really red, people sometimes make comments regarding how hard I must be working, I've gotten several of these comments, paired with encouragement from the elite guys…Sadly, my face turns that color even when I am not working that hard…and no matter how good of shape I am in.  it's alarming, but its apparently the way my body works.  I am consistently tempted to dunk my face into a bowl of ice water. 

Locker Rooms are really super clean.  There are enough showers and so far, all of them have decent shower heads and warm water.   There's also a nice private, curtained changing area, which is great as several people bring their male (and female) children into the locker room, and while thats fine, I've heard several make comments including "Boobies!!!!"  and worse.  Children are curious, but I am really uncomfortable with being the object of curiousity, so the changing area is great.  I know the idea of a clean locker room seems silly but in the gym I most consistently used last year, the showers were always grungy (like you'd see other ladies hair stuck to the walls) and paper towels all over the floor were common. 

And my trainer is super.   I am not really sure why i think so, she has not really done anything too exciting…except to add some new things into my routine.  I'm looking forward to being strong enough to run for her.   

Right now, i am still running short distances.Trying to decide if I want to work on running the hsort distances faster or increasing distance.  The official rule of thumb has been that when you run distance, eventually you speed up….For me that hasn't been true, soooo….I'm considering other things.  See trainer later this week and if I remember and have enough breath, I'll ask her. 

It's a little bit pathetic, but i really love going to the gym…. 

now marathon training begins in july….

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6 thoughts on “Yay for the gym

  1. That pool rocks… On the flip turns
    1. That line on the bottom is there for that purpose. Once you hips pass the the T on the end of the line (that will vary some by the height of the person)
    2. Pull your head to your belly button then kick your legs forward over the top
    3. Extend your legs to the wall (you should be upside down when you do this)
    4. Then as you push off the wall rotate your body to be back on your stomach
    5. Blow out of your nose as you turn over (all the water goes up your nose when you do flip turns)
    The best thing to do is go to the middle of the pool and practice getting your head down and your legs over the top. Once you have that down then move to the swimming up to the wall and getting the right spot to start your turn. Don't feel bad is the first few times you try you are short of the wall, it's very common when you first start. Remember the T one the end of the line on the pool is there for that reason (also the flags on the ends are there to mark the turns for back stroke). It take practice. Do it a few times and you'll get the hang of it.
    I use to swim too… If only I could bike any good and I'd try tri-athlons.
    Talk about luck…I made the joke about all the bad luck then you walked in there and got special short term membership and everything…I think it was meant to be…

  2. the pool really does rock. When I was about 12, I almost gave myself a concussion, I had counted strokes from the flags to the wall, but in the race I was going a lot faster….Kaboom. I'm not convinced about the value of the flip turn when just swimming for laps. I tend to cross my legs when doing the flip turn, and I wonder if I did that as a kiddo too. LOL I have the same problem with triathalons, I always thought i was the only one with the biking issue! I would Tri, but I can't ride a bike at all….
    Yes, I've had some good luck, now could you send me some nice single guy…(Emphasis on Nice)…???because that would really be good luck. 😉
    good luck to you with your crazy week.

  3. That gym sounds so impressive that "gym" seem demeaning. Glad to hear you're enjoying the digs!I'm the typical non-tri… Teulu's rocks swim better than I do. 🙂

  4. I'm the same as you – I look like I've run 10 miles even if I've only done 2 minutes! There's a few girls in my gym who run and run, and look like they've only just started!
    If I had your gym I might feel more motivated!

  5. Wow. If I had a gym like that around here (or should I say, Center?) I might actually consider joining! I miss swimming more than anything…the pool there sounds delightful!

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