C9 running skirt

Two days ago, I went to Target and happened to see some C9 gear on sale.  C9 seems to be Target's line for sportswear, there are running shirts, leggings, shorts and running skirts.

I've been intrigued by the running skirt since I started running.  Some people feel like they aren't for women who want to be taken seriously as runners, but, triatheletes, runners and Irongirls of fairly high calibur like Nicole DeBoom are wearing them, and selling them, so, clearly they are the "it" thing for the moment.

My hesitation with the skirts has been that they are retailing for about 70 dollars US. With tights and shorts costing 30-40, they are clearly the better deal.

But…Target had a sale.  The skirt was was on sale for 9.99.  Since its in the mid 90's Farenheit now…I thought hey why not try it out for 9.99.

So I got one in royal blue.

I ran in it today.  It was definitely an interesting experience.

This is Target's description of their product.  You may note that it says mid thigh.  Hmmmm.  The skirt which does fit properly in a Medium, stops at the end of my butt.  My actual shorts extend longer than the skirt.  One reason the skirts are so popular has been that ladies say they provide a little more coverage than shorts alone.  I guess in this case, not so much!!! I am short also, so, usually stuff like this is longer on me than others….so I am wondering about this.


I decided to go ahead and run with it anyway, as it was early in the morning.  The undershorts turned out to not fit as well as regular shorts would have.  They tended to ride up a little and actually twist about.



I suppose it shouldn't be too much of a surprise because even in the photo, you can see that there are some wrinkles in the short part.  It must be hard to make a short fit properly, with an attached skirt fit nicely as well.  Although the shorts part are a little loose it did not interefere too much with the running.

So…not so sure how I feel about the whole running skirt thing yet.  I think I might have to spring seventy bucks for one that is better constructed before i completely make up my mind.  As for the C9 skirt, I'll continue to run in it.  I actually like the shortness, but I would like to be in a bit better shape before wearing it in public…..

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4 thoughts on “C9 running skirt

  1. I have
    always loved how clothing looks on models and in photos, and unless you pay the
    top dollar for it, 9times out of 10 a cheaper version doesn’t fit because it is
    meant for that certain body type.

    But I suppose
    with a running skirt you will always look kind of classy instead of some sweaty
    chick in running shorts, anyways skirts are probably great they were worn for
    years by Scottish Man! Although that’s not probably a glowing comparison you
    want to be lumped into, but if they were not comfortable men would never wear

    it may be a sacrifice of cash to obtain a running skirt that fits and performs
    up to the standards you would like.

  2. I know the skirts have been around for a while but I can't imagine why. Are they for fashion only? I can't think of any running advantage they give. Of course I'm not one who should talk about fashion.

  3. Spoken like a true guy! No performace hindrance or advantage, they are just for fun!!! and I had been told that they provided more coverage than shorts, but that is patently not true of this skirt…. 🙂

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