I seem to be going through a bit of what feels like a standstill at the gym.  I'm running ok, not great yet, but more distance and hills hills hills.  Florida in general is flat, but Clermont has Hills.


This is a topo map of the area, but it doesn't really show well.  But there aren;ttoo many places where one could actually run one mile on the flat.  So it's really challenging for someone like me who is rediscovering milage!  I thought it was so funny when my trianer looked at me and said, "Did you notice we have hills here?"  As if I could have missed them!!!

I'm swimming 30 mins each work out, and doing an awful lot of strength work.  I've got some new exersises and have been introduced to some old ones.

Least favorite: The resurrection of the Capitan's chair AKA the Roman chair



This exersise just kills me.Trainer  thinks it odd, I have no problem with the moving of the legs and ab muscles, but i have a lot of trouble just holding myself up in the chair….

Most favorite  a little thing called pickpockets by my trainer.  Take a 6-8 pound ball,place yourself in a V position and move  the ball left and right.  Sounds easy.  It is easy, at least to do, requires very little coordination.  But it maxes out my heart rate immendiately.


So,I can not figure out…I'm doing the work.  but I feel like I am getting no where.  I am hoping this week is the wierd hump I need to get over before things get to be a little bit more fun….because right now its mostly just alot of sweat!

Of course,I continue.  I'm so excited by the amount of Donations I've raised for my Marathon!   Look to the widget on the left for more info!!!!!!   or   you can  look here!!!! Yaaaay… already over 600 dollars raised…..They don't know it, but if they did, they'd say Thank you…

So, I get to keep running!!!!

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3 thoughts on “frustration…

  1. I'm sorry you aren't feeling very content with your workouts. Heh, I don't know if I could do even a single 'chair'. It's bad enough that I can't do 10 knee-bent girl push-ups.
    Chris and I continue to walk. I found that my calculations were way off on the distance that we are walking. Adding just one more 'round' makes it a two mile walk, not just short of one mile. (I was only counting one direction…not back and forth—I never was good at math.)
    Today's walk almost did me in. I added hand weights to the walk and I tried some strength training stuff with them the first two rounds of our walk. Holding them straight out to the side for ten steps, then down for ten, then back up for ten. Then I held them straight out in front of me for ten steps, down for ten, etc…Another round of out to the side and on the fourth leg of our walk, I could barely hold them anymore, so I opted to just swing them while keeping my elbows bent. After I put them down the remainder of the walk just about killed me. I couldn't breathe well, (I was wheezing and gasping—finding I had to keep my eyes closed in order to concentrate on breathing) and my legs were killing me. I thought my calves were going to split open and my hips felt very wobbly, like they'd break or pop out of place if someone just touched me wrong. I forced myself to finish the two miles. It's been ninety minutes since we finished and my breathing still has an ache to it.

  2. I suffer with a serious lack of arm strength – so I couldn't do the Roman Chair. I look pathetic on the weights machines, only able to lift about 10k above my shoulders, or pushing out. Yet lifting below that level, or pulling, I can get up to 60k! It's bizarre.
    You're doing really well – and training on hills will make the flats very speedy!

  3. Eeyore. Glad you remeasured the walk. One good resource for you would be to use the Gmap Pedometer. its free on line, you can make a line from point a to point b and then multiply each time you walk it.
    I would do the weights pre or post walk….just concentrate on walking!
    You could do the chair, its not that bad, its just after a while i start to slide down because I seem to be lacking those arm muscles.. not so much fun, I tell ya.

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