Pump ‘N Run….

Worked with trainer today.  Better workout than last time.  I told her I had been having some difficult workouts, so she may have gone easy on me, at least it seemed that way, I wa still out of breath at the end though.  She told me I was doing plenty and that I was probably tired and hungry from a lot of it.  She's helpful, but not nearly as much fun as Brendan. 

So thats where I am at. tired and sometimes hungry.

I did finally run on the city's running path that is miles and miles long.  Of course I immediately wondered why I had been running anywhere else.  The path has hills but they are more of the gently rolling variety, rather than the San Francisco variety that I have encountered elsewhere in Clermont.

Unfortunately Trainer tells me no, miles done on ellipitical count only as gym time, not miles ran.  Bummer.

Interestingly, I found my Garmin totally screwed up after I ran under a bridge.  Suddenly it read my pace as 2.03 min miles.  Yeeeah right.  They were more like 10:30-10:45 min miles. Fastest I ran today was 8:30 mile…which was plenty much for me… 

So I just continue to pump and run (and swim…) Here's hoping net week I'll see some results I like….

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3 thoughts on “Pump ‘N Run….

  1. Good for you! I took my lunch hour and went to our onsite gym and ran 3.5 m with an average 9:30 (which is pretty good for me…).
    Does treadmill time count as miles???

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