Around the World.

I had a pretty exciting day at the gym today.  I was able to use Wilson, my friend like in Castaways, the ball in a newish way.

I did an exercise with the trainer called around the world.  Lots of you probably know it.  Essentially you use a weighted ball,eerr, Wilson,  and do a predetermined number of "Pick Pockets"  which is an exersise where you are in a V-sit…like this:


and instead of holding out the hands all nice like this woman is doing, you hold on to Wilson (8 pound ball) and move Wilson from side to side. for say 40-60 repetitions.  It's not hard, but it also isn;t easy to maintain the position.  After the repetitions, you throw Wilson to the other person in a circle, making the Around the world happen.  It's pretty hard for me to catch Wilson and maintain the Vsit.   

What was exciting, other than that this was semi-fun, was that I was able to catch my friend Wilson the Ball and did not damage my hand.  This is actually the first time I've done any catching of any weighted anything since the bad hand accident.  So.  that was fun.

Other than that.  I'm doing 2 runs a day now.  One longer one outside on a running path.  and then a mile or two on the treadmill when I come into the gym.  And still swimming. 

And I'm completely tired.


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5 thoughts on “Around the World.

  1. Around the World sounds like a lot of work. You sure do work your abs with that one, don't you? I love that you were able to catch Wilson and not damage your hand. That is some awesome progress! Yay you!!
    Chris and I were talking during our walk this afternoon. He was saying that he's noticed a difference that it is becoming easier and easier for him to walk. I was telling him that I didn't notice a difference and that actually the shin splints were making it harder and harder to complete our rounds. But, I toughed it out today and at the end of our rounds my shins weren't killing me (we slowed down) and my breathing was easier than it has been at the end. Unfortunately neither Chris nor I are losing weight. We are both gaining…and it isn't muscle mass either. ~sigh~

  2. So you say
    your on the ball now bad joke but it sounds like you have are getting a better
    work out then you thought you would! Its good to know you will be in such good
    shape you won’t have to debate on which
    run to go to it will be the harder one!

  3. It sounds like you're getting a lot out of your training. Just remember to take some time outs if you're too tired.
    I seem to be getting no fitter, although I am now able to run 10 miles a week rather than the 6 that I was managing a few weeks' ago.
    I did 4 miles on Monday and 5 yesterday. I'm aiming for two 6milers on Saturday and Monday.
    Well done you – sounds like the training is going well and keeping you motivated.

  4. LOL steve, yo uhave no idea. I fell off so many times, almost every time I caught the ball…but it was still the most fun thing I've done at the gym in forever. 🙂

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