tired out and then some.

Wow, am I tired out.  Sorry my blogging has been rather booooring, I am feeling a little boring.

Today I was woken at 4:30 in the morning.  This is when I normally get up to be at work by 6:45.  I forgot to turn the alarm off.  After a moment of surprise, I noted the dog was very eager to go outside, so I decided to just deal with it.  i walked the dog, had coffee, and an egg and got ready to go.  On my walk, i noted it was looking to be a nice hot day, so I decided to get the run out of the way.

I ran 4 miles, very slowly.  It was an alright run even though it was slow, because I killed off most of the hills on the run with the exception of the large incline that lasts about .65 miles.  That one I got about half way up, then walked for 0.05 miles…and ran again.  It wasn't any spectacular run, but being able to get up most of the hills was really an improvement.  I seem to have hurt/ bruised my left foot, not the ball of the foot, but the part where the bone is near the skin on the side of the foot near the small toe.  It has not given me too many problems while running, but I am wondering if it is going to heal, or what might happen…hopefully heal.

After that, I rested, and then went to the gym. I was crabby because I was already tired and a little hungry. I think I rather wasn't nice to one of the front desk girls who is really cool, and nice to me, oh well.  At the gym I rowed on the Erg rower for a mile, and then used the ellipitical for another mile. Then I had the joy of a variety of strength exersises.  While doing the strength, I noticed a quite nice looking man.  Of course, me being incredibly introverted, I said nothing.  So, man in the "Run Hard, Dive Easy" shirt, you look like a very nice person, attractive even.  Feel free to say Hi to me if you see me in the gym again.  My face which gets beet red when I am lifting heavy stuff, is not always that color!  I swear I don't normally look like this! 


I must say, I do wish I had the confidence to just strike up conversations with people, he seemed nice and was not wearing a wedding ring, which means nothing…but I prefer to talk to men not wearing rings than men who are clearly wearing them. So probably will never see him again.  Bummer.

After that I went and did swimming.  By now I was really ired, so tired, I actually swam straight into the wall towards the end of my workout.  It was funny, because I didn't hurt myself, I ended up actually literally putting my righ hand right into the pool gutter.  I was so surprised my head shot up.  This of course happened right in front of the lifeguard. Luckily i don't embarass easily.  I was giggling even after I got out of the pool. 

I think i'm still on track for my Marathon in November.  I've been doing well with raising money…you can see my progress to the left.  I have not contacted any corporate sponsers etc, and will start that when everything gets closer.  I'm still pleased with the seven hundred or so that I've raised so far.

I have gotten very wierd lately about food.  So, to see what to do about that, I'm going to see a nutritionist next week.  I'm totally upset by this.  initially i would have thought this would be no big deal, but I find instead that I feel quite defensive about the whole thing.  So, it should be interesting, what the nutritionist dredges up….Most likely if she can fix some of the food wierdness, I will have a lot more energy.

 I do need to be more interesting here, but I have not too much interesting going on!!!

I need to figure out who that gym guy was…he surely seemed like someone I'd like to know.

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4 thoughts on “tired out and then some.

  1. I hope you see the good looking guy again and have the opportunity to talk to him. I'd wonder about guys at a gym. If I were working out I wouldn't wear my wedding or engagement ring. Andrew doesn't wear his wedding ring when he's running or biking. I wonder if there's any kind of "rule" on this. I'm not a gym person nor am I looking for a guy so I have no idea!Have a good weekend!

  2. Next time
    you see that Gym Guy say hello!!!!!! Start off easy with a exercise buddy, then
    trap him with your female wiles, or ask him out!

    Also that
    photo looks like me after I shave my face always redden up! It my tender skin!

  3. You know what I admire the most about you? The fact that you're tired, and yet still you go for a 4 mile run, and then go to the gym. You have such drive and determination.

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