Today I made a small miscalculation.  I thought I had an appointment with the trainer at 11.  No it was at 12.  So there I was at the gym at 10:30 to do run number two.

Ran into trainer in the locker room.  She said hey, but nothing else.  When I finished my second run I went into the locker room to change my shirt.  I checked my phone messages, and there she was again, she stopped me and said, hey…you  know you are at twelve today.. 

So, at her beautiful suggestion I swam before the strength workout.

So.  I ran 5.25 miles….and swam for about 30 minutes.  before a strength workout.

strenght was alright.  We did some modified stuff because I felt like Noodles.

All sorts of fun lunges. Lunges are similar to squats in my mind.  Not real fun , but they will get you doing the stuff you want to do.

We did the around the world exersise, or at least what I'm able to do of it.  I love that exersise, so i hope I can get better.

The good thing I was able to do was tricep dips…and the Captains chair (errr Roman chair)….like a champ.  Trainer actually was shocked and surprised at my ability to manage the Roman chair, since I've improved.

Trying to convince her to run the New Mexican Half with me…shes thinking about it.  Which I think is pretty cool.

but I will freely admit.  After today, I feel rather like a person put through a meat grinder.

feeling good about progress…. 


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