Whats new.

Not that much. 

Running is improving slowly.  I tend to try to downplay anything except big improvement, but I am seeing a slight difference.  I'm managing hills better, and distance.  I need to work on some speed, and also controlling speed again, as I seem to be just all over the place when I actually look at my pace. I'm enjoying it a little more as well.

Work is interesting.  I've been asked to extend my contract and I have agreed to do so.  I had been asked a few weeks ago,  but then didn't hear anything more about it.  Then yesterday I literally lost my temper with a Physician who was being un-cooperative.  One of the biggest parts of my job is to advocate for the patients.  In this case I was helping another nurse's patient (Other nurse was getting a new patient settled).  And all the doctor could do was harass me about this and that and the other thing.  I do not know why, but he really pushed my buttons.  Luckily the Charge Nurse was there, and seperated us.  Later the Charge said he didn't believe I could get that angry.  He said I actually scared him a little.  But, in the end, the Doc was spoken to, and straightened out.  And it was acknowledged that while I can be apparently nasty, at least its over as soon as its over.  I don't stew over workplace stuff.  Its just stress. 

Oddly, after the big blow up the Manager came by to tell me she still wanted me to extend.  Essentially she let it slip that she needed one traveler and she preferred me to the other one thats there.  I confessed to losing my temper with the Doc and she responded "Good for you…he probably deserved it"  So, i guess for the moment I am Golden.

Teulu does not love the heat.  He has somehow developed a nice hot spot on his hip.  :(  I'm going today to get him a new Elizabethan Collar to help it heal.  And some oatmeal soothing bath, which I hope will make him feel better.  He is still cheerful and tail wagging, but…I hate the hot spot.  I always feel as if I am not entertaining him enough.  

My New Camera has Shipped!!!!!  I am very very excited.  When it arrives, I will be posting tons of Florida Photos. 

I decided to run the New Mexico Half.  Even though its at altitude.  I miss my friend, and maybe I'll get a chance to say Hi to her too.   The course is pretty flat, so I wonder what that means with all the hills I am ploughing through here in Clermont.

Apparently, I am not eating normally, though I could have sworn I eat like most other people.  I'm a little freaked out about this…which is a good indication of a problem.  Will see this Nutritionist on Friday and see what she has to say. Food is fuel, but…sometimes its a bit hard to get enough fuel…and other times I have more fuel than I need…I hope this gets sorted out, but I am sort of afraid that I'm going to have to "be different" and I am not sure I'm ready for that.    

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8 thoughts on “Whats new.

  1. I hope the nutritionist helps – my experiences with one were not great, so I hope yours are better!
    You might find that training with the hills mean that your performance on the flat, even at altitude will be stronger.

  2. What kind of camera are you getting?

    It's good that your blow up got the doctor talked to. Hopefully he'll be a little better at realizing what he's doing. And congrats on the extension!

  3. I hope so too. SHe is specifically trained to evaluate eating disorders and atheletes. i'm not an athelete, but i spend a lot of time in the gym, more than apparently the average joe/joan.

  4. It's some sort of Lumix from panasonic with of course the Leica lense…the doctor will not change…but I think from now on he'll stay away from me…

  5. I had a chat with one of my gym instructors yesterday, and she said I should have a chat with one of her colleagues who has just finished his nutrition training. It's only the expense that's holding me back really, but part of me thinks maybe I should just bite the bullet and pay for a personal trainer for a few months – at least to get me to my goal weight.

  6. I love my trainer. Well, love may be a strong word. She is really focused though and perfectly nice all the time. It may be more expensive in the UK, but here, I've found that it works out in the end, as long as I call it "entertainment expenses" and since I spend like 2 -3 hours a day there on my non working days (4-5 a week), I guess it works out.
    I always recommend it.

  7. It's about $60 an hour really – so I think I could only really afford to do it once a month. It would mean though that they could tailor a programme for me to lose weight, and advise me on nutrition as well… and maybe tell me what exercises to do to slim down my thighs and bingo wings (uncharacteristically for me, I've even been mulling over plastic surgery!!!!)

  8. Well, that is more expensive than here. I go for 30 minute sessions and I buy them in Packages so I get a discount. THis time it was also super inexpensive, because they were having a special. I did just extend my contract and I want to continue, so, I will probably have to buy another somewhat more epensive package.

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