Nutrition…or not.

So I had a difficult day yesterday.

I got lost due to some squirrley directions given to me by the Nutritionist.  I was apparently right by the office, but it was near impossible to find it.  Because she does not employ a receptionist or anyone to answer the phone, it was about 20 mins into my appointment time that she called me back.  We rescheduled.  I was so so disappointed and annoyed.  I was very nervous about going, so to have this happen was very frustrating. And then her schedule is such that I would have to wait until next Friday. 

She rather annoyed me because she seems to have a very simplistic approach and continues to use her catch phrase "Freedom with Food"…which I just think is wierd. 

Luckily she also gave me the name of someone else to call. I called him, left a message and after 5 pm decided he would probably call me back on Monday.  I was dreading that because I am working on Monday.  While I can answer the phone, its difficult to have a personal conversation that is not overheard.  I don't really want anyone to know about the problems with eating that I'm having…it's a sure fire way to get a lot of wierd and unsolicited advice. Yes, everyone eats so everyone has an opinion, but its just usually an opinion stated to make them feel better about their own eating habits, weight, size.

Anyway.  Wierdly the other person called me back last night at about 8 pm.  He was actually very very nice, did not use any cute catch phrases and seems a bit more laid back, not casual, but very to the point.  He did not have any appointments until the 17th of the month.  I suppose I sounded a bit distressed, after a few minutes he asked if I could get up early, I laughed…I get up every day at 4 am….So.  He made me 2 appointments for Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 am to complete a long evaluation of this eating mess.  I'm rather shocked that anyone would  rearrange their schedule just for me, so already i like him and trust him somewhat.  Hopefully he can help.

Unfortunately, my foot is actuing wierd and tight.  I took yesterday off and may take off another day today… 

I will have to ask the trainer what she thinks.  I can run on it, but it feels so strange.  I am doing well to look at the long term, and not the shorter term.  I got the stress fracture by training too hard, so I am laying off the foot.  Lesson learned.

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3 thoughts on “Nutrition…or not.

  1. Good luck with your appointments next week. Hopefully you'll get some answers and direction. And I hope your foot feels better soon.

  2. The guy sounds like he really cares about what he does and his patients. I'm with you…the cutesy phrasing would drive me bonkers. It always seems so cultish to me.

  3. THanks Anne. We'll see what happens. Lots going on. My foot got looked at by the trainer today. She wants me to break up the fascia in my foot with a golf ball. I love that moment when she looks at me and says yeah…its going to hurt, keep doing it.
    We'll see how things go on Thurdays.

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