I made it through one hour of evaluation today at the Doctors office.  Came out with a long list of labwork I need to get done. 

The Doctor himself was not extremely personable.  I felt like I was confusing him, but he didn't say I was, so…I figure I am not.  Since I have another 2 hours worth of evaluation etc it could be that he's withholding any judgement or diagnosis until he finishes.  I wish he had smiled a little and I would have felt more comfortable.  In general though he was very professional etc…So I hope he can actually help me get things straightened out.  He is wanting me to continue with nutritionist, which I don't want to do but well, we shall see.  If she tells me to eat Goji berries like Runnergirl's nutritionist did, I will probably have a fit.  I told him mI really did not like her because of her use of trite little terms "Freedom with Food!" and he essentially said I should in no uncertain terms tell her how irritating that is…I suppose he sees that as growth for her.   

  Clermont on the other hand is sort of on Fire.  Apparently there were several Lightening strikes last night.  When I got up this morning, I was coughing and choking in smoky air.  Everything has been put out according to the radio personalities, but the smoky haze remains.

My Camera came this weekend.  I have not really done anything with it, which I guess reveals the state of mind I am in, but I am going to try to take it out this afternoon after my workout. 

I couldn;t run this morning, so i will have to do a treadmill workout.  I am not too excited about this, but i am trying to take heart that I will get to listen to the ipod the entire workout, which I can't do outside as I like to know when someone is close at hand. 

So, I now feel certifiably insane.  BUt I guess I am not.

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6 thoughts on “Evaluation

  1. Hey, I have been feeling very insane myself…it is sort of nice to know I am not alone. 😉 (I meant that in a nice way.)

  2. He probably is witholding a diagnosis at the moment, because it would be unfair to potentially mislead you. Good luck with the nutritionist – I blame my bad experience on youth – she was clearly just out of college, and was actually more of a personal trainer – clearly more comfortable trying to persuade me to have one on one training sessions with her than draw up any food plans.

  3. Hopefully you'll get more clarification and feel like you're getting answers tomorrow. I don't understand why you shouldn't tell the nutritionist that her phrases annoy you, of course with some tact. If you're not going into conversations with her on a good note then how will you benefit and learn? And shouldn't she know that she needs to take different approaches with different people? Perhaps some people like her phrases, but she should be aware that they're not for everyone.

  4. Yes, I am not one to tell people that their "isms" bother me. But in this case, I think I might be able to say something to the effect that it disturbs me. Deep down I keep hoping he will mention it to her, but…that won't happen.!!!
    We'll see what tomorro brings. It isn't so bad, these evaluations are just so many questions….I'm still grateful to the Doc for rushing me in, so when I think he isn't personable, I remind myself that I am not really either, and his actions may speak louder than his words.

  5. I hope Goji berries are not mentioned, just because I will probably bust out laughing, and then trying to explain thats its a blog situation might seem odd.
    I hope it will be alright. I definitely am learning a lot about food…and am finding the entire thing exquisitely uncomfortable….

  6. Thanks Amanda, I just have not figured out the tactful way to say it, but might when I see ehr face to face…which will happen on Friday…
    I'm getting sick of talking about food….:)

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