Was the treadmill wrong?

I had to do my entire run on the treadmill today due to the early morning appointment.

The treadmill is a little easier than running outside as I just put it on an incline and run, rather than surmounting large hills…so i try to avoid it, but with the temperature at 95 degrees…(35C for you Sophisticated Europeans…) I really had to do it inside.

I had a really odd experience.  I started jogging, and the mill seemed to be going really slow.  So I turned up the speed a bit…and it still seemed slow.  So I started to wonder if there was something wrong with this treadmill…So I turned the speed waay up and the speed did go up, so I put it back at a comfortable pace.  I managed to run 5 miles, or what the treadmill said was 5.  It was about the appropriate time for 5 miles for me, without hills…When I started at the NTC, I was running 2 miles and having to stop between the twos…So, I guess this is significant improvement,  unless of course the treadmill is completely malfuntional and I really ran 3 miles at a 4.5 speed or something!  I'm going to ask the trainer about it.

At any rate, I did run at whatever pace, for 45 minutes with no rest, very nice.

Also Did fun fun


Lunges… of several varieties.

Bosu Ball Mountain Climbers  

and ball crunches with the 6 pound weight….

some fun stuff for Hamstrings, and a variety of toher things for strength, I have forgotten some of the names….  I have so many different exercises that sometimes I forget to do the ones that are not repeated, so I hope that what I am doing is building strength, and of course, making my abdominal muscles formidible.  LOL  So far I have a 2 pack….If I can get rid of a few pounds the 4 pack will emerge, and then the six pack….It's there. I can feel it, but I can only see the first two on my abdomen!  I have taken to starting the entire process with the tortoruous Roman Chair….So that i know its done.

After this, i was so tired, but I went into the pool

Very ANNOYing, this guy beside me essentially raced me each time he went down the pool.  Even worse, I couldn't help but try to catch him.   I am a better swimmer than the guy (The others in the pool were like, pro triatheletes, I don't bother them!!!)  but he definitely was just ever so slightly faster than me….bringing out the competitor in me!  I tried in vain to catch him.  I would get right there and he would beat me.  I comforted myself by telling myself that he hadn't run 5 and lifted weights…LOL.  must get my inner competitor under control.

Saw Trainer girl, and had short convo.  Will work out with her tomorro.  I am of course concerned that I overdid it today and tomorro will stink.

But first tomorro, I get to meet with the Crazy Doctor again.  How much fun can that be????









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5 thoughts on “Was the treadmill wrong?

  1. you should take it that all your training is helping with your running, and thats why you had such a good run on the treadmill. You always think your doing poorly I know its a good thing to always want to push yourself but give yourself a pat on the back once and a while!

  2. Sounds like you are doing really well, and really building up your strength. I am impressed with the impending 6 pack – I still have a 2 roll! Even when I was doing 300 situps a day, I still got nowhere near a 6 pack.

  3. You are blessed that you can achieve a six-pack! My sister got those genes in the family…no matter how fit I ever was, I could never get there. Of course now…….well, I am a LOOOOONG way from one these days. 🙂

  4. LOL anne, EVERYONE can have a six pack. It's a matter of being actually, for women, very very thin. We all have the muscles but its hard to see them. I will probably not have the six pack…but the 4 pack is doable. I have the 6 pack…but all I can see is the 2 so far….but really they do look a little odd!

  5. Hehehe well yeah…but I never wanted to work THAT hard. 😉 My sister actually had 4 in college when she was playing soccer and basketball…but there again, she worked out every single day.

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