More Evaluation and training….and and and….

Well.  Today went better than yesterday, in part because I slept better, and in part because it was just easier.  Perhaps the guy asked questions I could answer. Plus he let me talk about my job for a while, which was a safe easy topic.  Still no feedback from him, so i suppose that happens when I return on Monday.  Or maybe I don't get any feedback.  He did tell me I am not crazy.  Actually very funny, He said, "Well if you were crazy, you'd be in the hospital by now…." so that is reassuring. He was much nicer.  So I am wondering if he simply was distracted by whatever yesterday or what not.  I am a little concerned that he indicated he thinks I am exersising too much, and I really do not think I am….that could be a sticking point.  Trainer doesn't hink I am overdoing it either, at the present.

I still have to go to the Nutritionist on Friday.  Today I drove about and finally found the place where she is at.  I can now see that I would never have found it that day.  It's basically attached to a college campus and is right on the edge of the college, so that would have been near impossible.

Had a terrible workout today, which either has to do with the 2 days in a row or the fact that I had a huge 440 calorie chocolate milk yesterday and today had one 90 calorie egg…hmmm. I didn't think I needed the nutritionist, but perhaps I do….)

Trainer has been very fun lately.  Supportive about the food without being overly nosy and annoying.  We had a good gossip session about a few other NTC people that we both know.  Not nice maybe, but it was fun.  Actually, it made some of the exersises much more challenging, as I was trying to talk, or alternatively giggle, while crunching, mountain climbing, and roman chairing…She says she really wants to work on my running if I will let her…. so we talked about it.  She is pretty awesome, so now I am sold on the women trainers.  They are a lot more fun to gossip with….and there isn't any bizarro sexual tensions….I guess there could be but neither one of us is interested in the ladies….as far as I can tell….

The only unfortunate thing is that I only have 3 days to run this week, so I am trying to cram all my miles into 3 instead of 4 days. So, to get the amount I want, I need to run AGAIN this evening.  I am trying to get geared up for that….so far, I am less enthused.  But…It's only 2.5 miles I need to do…and I'll forgive myself if I only do 2.0…

Despite not knowing what is wrong with me, I am feeling better, not very happy though about paying the bill!


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3 thoughts on “More Evaluation and training….and and and….

  1. The nutritionist should be able to give you a balanced diet – maybe for the days where you train and the days you don't (are there any of those?!). Either way, she'll be able to tell you the sort of foods you need to be eating to get the most out of your training, and give you the fuel you need. She'll also emphasise the point about eating regular, evenly balanced meals…. not hardly eating anything one day, and then eating too much the next!

  2. Thanks….since I started to write about this issue my readership seems to have dropped off incredibly….ah well…
    Hopefully balance will come….

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