I’m still here

Hi Everyone!

I've actually done a lot of blogging using the privacy content so I think no one can see it.

I am indeed still here.  Things have been really difficult for the past few days.  I've been eating on my Food template which is 1500 calories or so a day.  I can barely eat all the food, and sometimes I really can not eat it all.  It's a little stressful.  I've finally realized that if I plan really far ahead, then it is less stressful. Today I am making a huger effort to consume on the template.

The Doctor has this nutty idea that I should do only 30 min of exercise 4 times a week.  Bah!  I get that what I am doing is a tad bit excessive, but to run as long as I want to run, I am going to have to train longer.  We are going head to head on this I can tell, not right yet, but probably soon.

This is difficult because my one friend who knows thinks that this is all nutty.  She keeps trying to diagnose my problems etc, but she doesn't have the background to do it.  It would be nicer if she would just support me instead…

Ah well.  Not everything is nice. 

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11 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. Does your doc have experience of planning nutrition for sports-people? Only that 1,500 calories seems very low for someone like you who is working out so much. That said, maybe what she's trying to do is get you back on an even keel, rather than the swinging to extremes of food and exercise.
    A basic diet would involve 1,500 calories a day and the exercise she has recommended – maybe she's planning on building you up from there, so you get more comfortable with moderation rather than extremes?
    You're right about the planning though, I find I'm fine sticking to my plan as long as I plan ahead every day, and especially the weekends. It helps you feel in control as well, rather than doing someone else's bidding, which, if you're a controller like I am, I find very difficult.
    Also – maybe your friend thinks that what she is doing is supportive… maybe you need to have a quiet word…

  2. Only 1500 a day while training for a marathon? What's amazing to me is that you find that to be a lot of food. I probably eat 3000 a day!Does this doc know that you're planning on a marathon? It'll probably take more than 2 hours per week to prepare for a 4-5 hour race. πŸ™‚

  3. Hang in there…and I hope as things progress and you get more used to them or into a new routine with them, that they get easier. Changes are hard to begin with, tackling something so engrained as a part of your daily life like eating habits or exercise (or in my case, the lack thereof in the exercise department) are even harder – the fact that you are putting this much effort into any of it is in and of itself a huge success and I admire you for it!

  4. Katie, I would love to have a doc put me on a plan where I had more calories available than I thought I could eat… πŸ˜‰
    The strange thing is that its really not rocket science to calculate what you're burning in a day and intake accordingly. I, unfortunately, am not burning quite enough to match my intake. You've inspired me to head to the gym today at lunch.

  5. Oh she's very good. 1500 is probably low, but apparently I have been eating about 800 a day and on days where I thought I was waaay overeating, it was more like 2000 calories…and that was like once a week…so. it's a little overwhelming.

  6. SHe knows about the Marathon…I have a sinking feeling she is planning on increasing over the next few weeks. She's mentioned the word snacks…It's all going to work out.
    1500 is a huge amount of food to me, but I think most people regularly do 1500…I of course don;t but thats because I have some sort of eating problem…

  7. You know Steve it isn't rocket science, but I have disordered eating,( I thought it was only for sad little girls, but apparently no…or more likely I've had this since I was kid and just managed to talk my way out of it all….) It's amazing how difficult it is to sometimes tuck that much food in …
    But I'm keeping on. And good on you for the gym. I hope you enjoyed it!

  8. YAY! Good for you! Hopefully it won't take long to get over the bloated feeling. Keep up the great efforts…I'm cheering for you!

  9. My opinion
    on this is to listen to your body it will tell you if something isn’t right, so
    never ignore your body but beyond that GO FOR IT! as long as your listening to
    your body and Teulu for dogs know when there is something wrong with there
    master you should be ok and ready for any challenge.

  10. 1500 calories…WOW that doesn't seem like much but your doctor is right that you have to work your way up. Read Chris Carmichael's (I'm not sure that is spelled right) book Food for Fitness. It would go very well with the doctor's advice. He really breaks down how to get the best out of the calories that you eat. Carmichael was Lance Armstrong's coach and planned his food intake during the Tour De France's.

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