I have managed two full days now on the food template.   I've been using it for 5 but only managed to eat all the stuff on the template for the past two days.  I was sort of cutting down some portions and cheating a bit, but dealing with the Doctor on monday gave me a new resolve to actually do better. 

I had to remind myself of what I call my "Senior Committment".  A Senior Commitment is not when two Older Gay guys get married!  It's instead the top priority.  Generally when a person is having a problem, going back totheir senior committment allows them to choose the right choice for them, or refocus properly.

My Senior committment in this mess is to running for life.  My Dad ran himself into the ground essentially.  After two very fast Marathons he became so badly injured he would either need a very painful surgery or to quit running.  After what must have been an agonizing time for him, he somehow quit.  He misses it.  So, I need to learn to protect the body I have.  Part of that is apparently involves eating and running in Moderation….(well…moderation, meaning nice and easy, not 3 miles only…)

After that reminder I found it a little more easy to pack it in.  I'd rather run than play with my food. And playing games with the program generally means that I will not progress as fast as I could. 

It's a lot of food, especially crammed into three meals.  I've felt absoloutely ill and bloated out.  I have not, however, gained or lost any weight.  So, thats actually interesting…the Nutritionist said I wouldn't  but I didn't believe her, but she of course is right, so far…

On top of this, I find that people really do seem to want to share their opinions. I've had one nurse say that my lunch was too much food, another say it wasn't enough, and a variety of other food/weight related comments etc etc…All of this uninvited… I don't  understand why everyone thinks that they know more about this situation than the nutritionist or Doctor.  But yet they do! I guess because everyone eats, and many people exercise, they think they have an answer for me…. Luckily I am not buying into any one elses opinions.  I've pretty much decided to trust the people who are working with me…they've seen this before, they aren't shady, wierd, or inappropriate. 

At any rate.  i am a little pleased about my two days of getting it in and not adding or losing any weight.  Who knew?  i feel much like a young child who's learned to do something like tie shoes….

Teulu is doing great.   I switched him back to Nutro Brand Food and his energy level has just soared again…..I'm glad to see him so energetic, but at the same time, I sometimes think It might be time to go back to Iams, so he can be more mellow again….Of course, he is getting a bath sometime in the next 3 days….he's unaware of that. 

thanks guys for listening to me.  It's pretty repetitive and boring, but it helps to write it out…. 

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7 thoughts on “Success

  1. I'm glad you've found a focus – that is so important to remind yourself why you're taking action in the first place. And you are right to ignore everyone with an opinion – what they probably don't realise is that everyone is different. Like 1,500 cals a day would be way too much for me, but if that's what is working for you, and you are taking professional advice on that, then people should respect that.
    I suspect that they don't understand why you need professional help – perhaps because they understand their bodies and how they work, but not all of us do, and we need help. Getting it is a much braver step.
    You should feel really proud of yourself, you're doing really well.

  2. I'm actually starting to feel proud, but I meet with the Nutritionist again today and I fear she'll tell me I am doing it all wrong! I think its probably because I am essentially at a fairly normal weight, and not super thin or terribly overweight that they dont get it. But wow, I never realized how much food talk goes on all day long. Doesn't it drive you nuts?

  3. It does! But it also makes me realise that there are a lot of us all in the same boat – stuck between wanting to enjoy our food, but feeling guilty at the same time!
    And just think, a few weeks' ago, you were stressing because some inconsiderate blogger told you you should lose weight!!
    I think partly the reason we obsess so much is because we care too much what other people think of us – do we ever grow out of that?!

  4. LOL, that blogger just called me yesterday. He's a nice guy, but I just can't get over that.
    Nah, we never really grow out of caring what people think. At least as far as I can tell…unless we go off into the mts and live alone. 😉

  5. That's too bad about your dad's running injuries. I know what you mean about long-term focus – it's hard to balance the slowly-healing hamstring with training for a 100K… Decisions I'll have to make soon.Allow me to give you an unsolicited opinion… 🙂 Seriously though, I'd be wary of Iams food – the ingredients are just so-so. It's better than Purina food and other mainstream brands, though.

  6. 🙂 I was feeding Iams because it's something thats always available. i decided when i resigned my contract that I'd go back to Neutro since I can get it here. Teulu is a lot happier. Though he still needs a good bath.

  7. Yay! Congrats and I hope things continue to go well. Just a thought…have you asked your nutritionist about possibly breaking up all the food over more than three main meals a day? Maybe that would help with the bloated feeling? I know my sister (who is thin and an athlete) eats a ton of food, but spreads it out throughout the day.

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