More Nutritional News

I saw the Nutritionist yesterday.

I apparently was very nervous.  I started out having anxiety because I was sure I was going to be late due to traffic.  But luckily, I was actually about 15 minutes early. 

Waiting for her to finish with the people ahead of me, I was tortured by Country Music Radio.  They have the radio to blare out any noise coming from the offices.  Unfortunately last week it was Classical and much better.  I could actually hear through most of the country, but of course, I was pretty focused on me, rather than whatever they were talking about.

The nutritionist, of course was as nice as can be.  She seemed pretty pleased with the eating I have done.  And of course, to no one's surprise, added in a snack.  Luckily the snack can be anything I want, so I imagine a bit more fruit will come back into the diet.

Training is actually going gangbusters.  Now that I am actually eating food, I am completely able to do a high quality workout.  My trainer was pretty excited about that. 

Unfortunately Nutritionist and Doctor are discussing if I should be training at all.  Apparently it's not a given.  I hate that he has that much power over me, but so far I am feeling better and doing better with their help, so I have agreed for him to have that much power.  The Nutritionist did say that he wouldn't stop me unless it were a "life or death situation".  So I felt pretty confident, until she then said, she wasn't sure I could recover while training that much. So, I get to convince everyone.  I think I am actually going to stick my scale in the closet to discourage the weighing….

I did drop a pound this week even with the ton of food I am consuming.  odd.

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3 thoughts on “More Nutritional News

  1. Well done you, you're making some really positive changes, and seeing really good results. I'm pleased that the workouts are going better too.
    If you're going to have fruit as a snack, combine it with some nuts as well – apparently the two together have a better nutritional effect and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

  2. I am catching up on everything since I was gone most of last week so pardon the barrage of replies…but go you!!!! Sounds like you are doing really great.

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