Oh my.  I ate a ton of gnats on my morning run.  I inhaled them both through the nose and mouth….I absorbed them topically through the eyes….and the skin.  They became embedded in my hair. 

4.2 miles.  Killer hills. Friendly runners and bikers.  That is the life, all excepting the gnats. 

I wonder if the gnats can count as a Protien snack?


The flower is a common one her ein Florida, I really need to work on my colors and glare…

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10 thoughts on “Pfffft.

  1. I love those flowers – any idea what they're called? They had them in Menorca as well, but I haven't figured out what they are and if they'd grow in our climate!

  2. I dont know. I am sending the photo to my Mom , who will probably know. I never saw them before I came to Fl though….is menorca hot and humid too??

  3. Sweet picture
    of the flower so that answers my one question that you actually take time to
    stop and smell the flowers, make sure you tell your nutritionist about the gnats
    some places bugs are a delicacy to eat but you are certainly welcome to my

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