Mystery Flower Identified

My Mom kindly identified the mystery Flower as a Lantana  Apparently very popular with the butterflies.


Other news.  I am still not eating enough, but its getting better.  Doctor made me so tired today I could only run one mile…and tolerate a very laid back training session.  Hoping for a better day tomorro.

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4 thoughts on “Mystery Flower Identified

  1. Anything for butterfly’s, although I am the greatest bug
    hater I find it incredibly funny how cretin bugs one doesn’t mind and will even
    go out of there way to protect!

    Take care of yourself and I hope you get everything balanced
    out between calorie intake and exercise regiment so as not to loose any gains
    you made in increasing your running distance and stamina!

  2. Ooh, thank you for finding out for me. I don't think we can get them over here though. I bought a few Tagetes for our garden yesterday – a lemon variety with a bright yellow flower, and lemon scented foliage.
    I also discovered that a plant growing in one of our shadier parts that I thought was a weed, isn't – as they were selling them potted up in the nursery.

  3. Lantana is a noxious weed in Australia. It was introduced at some stage due to its pretty flower but it spreads to quickly it soon started to cover acres and acres of farm land. I believe that it can also kill cattle if they eat it. I think there are some hybrid varieties now that are more controllable.

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