this and that

Here's a photo of another local flower, known as the passion flower…


It's a little hard to capture the purple, the sun has been so strong lately here it sort of washes everything out.

Thats my photographic effort for the last week,…

In other news….

Eating is going along pretty well.  I am experimenting with a variety of foods.  I discovered I really like tofu plain.  Its the perfect food when one doesn't feel like eating.  Just slides right down… Some other foods are not quite as pleasing, but I have managed to eat on the template with the extras every day this week. So the Nutritionist should be happy this week. 

Work has been nuts.  Busy busy busy with some difficult tragic patients.  A little kid who took Mom's medicines.  Usually this is just drink up the charcoal and discuss with parent why this occurred.  But some medicines can really be fatal, and this kid took the stuff that could kill.  A young person who had a sudden cardiac arrest for no apparent reason.  A few unusual traumas… and the typical stuff.  We have been short staffed as is often the case, so I have really been earning my money and using my skills. 

Running is coming along well.  I had a lot of pain in my left shin last week, I was getting worried that I had a new stress fracture.  I took 2 days off and it seems to be much better.  Run today was a little faster and much more fun.  I am still getting killed on "My worst enemy" (the hill) but the other hills are good.  Strength training is also going along well.  I was unable to swim for a few days and found I really missed it too.  I went today but only for 20 minutes. 

I'm going to register soon for the NM half.

Tomorro, I have to meet with the Doctor AGAIN.  I would think he'd have long ago gotten tired of me, but no….

I hope it won't be as difficult as next week, but this time I am prepared.

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7 thoughts on “this and that

  1. I saw a few of those Passion Flowers when we were in Florida a few weeks ago.
    Work sounds crazy. I am glad that I don't do trauma. Cognitive specialists like I might not get the glory of the trauma or ER docs but on the other hand, I'll take a quiet restful night's sleep every night and without call. I much prefer it.
    Hills suck… but they do make you stronger. At least there is always the downhill to look forward to after the uphill.
    That's great that you're going to do the NM Half.
    Good luck with your nutrition and other stuff.

  2. Love the
    flower keep up taking photos even a photo a week is great you end up with
    memories in pictures. And as far as work goes it sounds like it never gets dull
    but you’re a better person then me I could never do it! Eat well run far!

  3. I guess I never knew what a passion flower looked like. These are growing in our neighbor's yard and he calls them tokei flowers b/c the face of them looks like a clockface. Weirdly beautiful.

  4. My brother grew some of these from seed, and now he and my parents have enormous plants that get covered in the flowers – of course, we have to grow them indoors over here!

  5. Sorry work has been so nuts…I have been randomly catching up on everything from the week. I think I read in a later entry that you get a little time off for the 4th. Enjoy! And yes, I like the photos. I keep thinking I would like to try growing a passion flower vine here, but I just don't know where or how well it would do. I guess if I can find a spot it never hurts to give it a go!

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