laughing my….

today was another day at the Doctor's.  I was really not looking forward to it, considering our last session…but of course I still went. The best part about today was that I did not talk about food, running or templates for more than say 8 minutes of the time.  What a relief.  I am so so sick of thinking about food.

The Doc surprised me so much today by being absoloutely entertaining.  He made up some interesting analogies, which he claims to have specifically made just for me…. One of them to describe what I am doing was driving along without a seat belt, which is fine until a sudden stop occurs and you get a wicked accel/decel shearing injury.  Oddly, since I see that on a regular basis, it made more sense than the usual analogies usually used in these situations. 

The other thing that he did was actually ask me "And how's that working for you?"  after I was describing some things I have been doing to deal with the recent bout of nightmares I've been having.  It was so not a typical thing for him to say that I just laughed out loud.  He apologized for that smart comment and said he only said it because he knew I had a sense of humor.  Not so sure about my sense of humor but that was funny. 

I have not been able to really talk about some things and I continue to talk in what he called concentric circles around the topic.  Unlike most people who just say "out with it"  He said this was alright and maybe even needed. This relieved me of the pressure to start revealing things I'm not really comfortable with.  

He thinks over time we can make the nightmares go away.  In some ways this was a good session also because we barely had any conversation about food.  I'm eating on the template, not so sure I want to discuss it. 

Doc is still a little scary-intelligent to me.  Initially he offerred me some Rozarem for sleep.  When I told him that I didn't much like to take sleep medications, because then I can't wake up out of a nightmare, he sort of said OK.  At the end of the session he looked at me and asked if I wanted  to try some Oral Versed.  I flipped out as thats a medication used in concious or moderate sedation. It is also sold on the street as "Dazzle".    He then pointed out it has amnesic qualities, which would make it ideal for someone in my situation.  I declined the medication as I don't want to take anything, but darn it, that showed me he was thinking waaay outside the box with the situation.  I appreciated it.

     The Doctor is slowly winning me over. Unfortunately, I need not get attached to him.  I need to get this fixed and move on to less expensive things. 


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3 thoughts on “laughing my….

  1. Wow. He does sound great. It sounds like he is really paying attention to you and your needs…I am glad you found someone like that!

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