Birds and more

Well.  This is my Photographic effort today.  I am unsure what kind of bird this is.  But it was definitely having a good time splashing through the puddles.


I'm really not sure that this new camera does as well as my old one on focusing at distance.  its a lot smaller so its harder to hold steady.  But the lense is still good, I just need to sneak up closer to the birds….

Otherwise.  nutritionist today.  I had a definite difficult time.  No change to flood templates, except I am now free to drink fruit juice, rather than eat fruit in the morning.  Fruit in the morning was driving me nuts, each time I ate it I just got really bad stomach aches.  She wants me to reduce my exersise.  I sort of freaked out.  It makes no sense to me.  But we finally compromised I will stop one strength session and reduce the poor dogs walking time.  The dog has been protesting in the heat anyway, sooo.  I am frustrated.  I am losing weight.  I am eating like crazy.  It really feels like punishment each time I sit down to eat.  The only reason I am eating now is to be able to run and work out.  So to take that away….well.  its causing problems. Well. I do get a short holiday for the weekof the Fourth…Yipee.

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7 thoughts on “Birds and more

  1. It looks like that might be a Glossy Ibis, although the bill looks kind of short in your photos. eNature is a good site to look up plants and animals.

  2. Good pic — i thought it was some sort of ibis too. Good luck with the nutritionist – I'd have a tough time with fruit in the morning, it usually gives me an upset stomach.

  3. Thanks much for the encouragement. Yeah I've tried the swimming/pool running thing before and it works decently, but I'm sort of at the point where I want to use what's readily accessible to me instead of paying $60+ a month at the least for a gym or YMCA membership.Primarily I just want to live healthier and less gluttonous. We as Americans have a pretty easy life and take advantage of it (and it for granted) at every turn. Lesser portions = lesser $$$ on groceries, which will let me be a bit more generous when giving money to charities or tithing, etc.I've tried it all before and never stuck with it. This time I feel a lot more determined.

  4. Lovely photo
    of the bird its always nice to keep up shooting pictures, as for the poor dog
    walks can’t you get Teulu, maybe a membership so the treadmill beside you can
    be used as a simulated walk?

    I would
    also say you should be happy to loose weight but if it interferes with your exercising
    an you can’t seem to strike a balance I wish you good luck on getting the
    balance right. Being not the greatest lover of eating foods, and knowing how
    hard it is to force oneself to actually eat when you don’t want to!

  5. Stick with it Katie – you're doing really well – it will take time for your body to adjust to eating regularly and properly. It's good that you are losing weight though, as I seem to remember that was something you mentioned a while ago that you wanted to do.
    I'm tempted to ask you to send across your food templates – see if I can work out where I'm going wrong!!
    I'm sure that when I come back in 2 weeks, you'll be feeling a lot happier!

  6. Food template is very simple. I have to eat something from each food group at every meal. Complex Carb, fruit or vegetable, protien, calcium, and fat. Serving size is twice what the package says. 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks, and a snack is another carb and a protien.
    It's a ton of food. I'm apparently going to have to increase it with a supplement (Power bar type thing) as well. who knew. I keep wondering when all teh calories are going to catch up with me.

  7. They probably won't to be honest – with the amount of training you're doing, your body needs more fuel (this is where I've been going wrong – I've been eating loads on the weekend, when I'm not training, then trying to make up for it by eating very little, and have then not been able to run the distances I want!)

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