Repaying karmic Debt

Since I am living in Florida, I of course have seen my share of really really large insects, some which seem to me to be perverted steroid induced versions of their Northern Friends.  Lately I have been seeing these Horned Beetles.  Sadly, when they for one reason or another get flipped on thier backs, they aren't easily able to right themselves.  THis does seem to me to be kind of a genetic flaw, and I would think they wouldn't survive but so far they seem to be surviving well in Florida.



I've righted the same one (or what I think is the same one, seen in the same place, who really knows.)  3 times in the past two days. At first I was a little squeamish about the insect and the intense pincers.  (Teulu often will pick one up and suddenly spit it out because the bug really has some powerful pinchers…)  But I was thinking after my third righting of this bug that possibly this is going to help repay my Karmic debt…. Maybe. At any rate, the beetle was a lot happier it seemed upright.



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4 thoughts on “Repaying karmic Debt

  1. I've always invisioned that if Bary Bonds had ever tripped over second base he would have ended up the same way….Good for you. Most people would have stomped on the bugs instead of truninig them over. You're getting some great pictures in your time in Florida. Keep them coming, maybe you can quit your day job…of only.

  2. Beautiful insect! I did the karmic payback this morning when I was coming home from my ride. There was a big turtle in the middle of the road so I moved him somewhere safe and warm. Never underestimate the value of kindness. :O)

  3. I'm impressed. I admit that I don't get my karma points when it comes to bugs. I'm counting on my goodness toward other animals will be enough. šŸ˜‰

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