Lets go for a run….

I seem to have photos and photos now accumulating on my computer, so you might be seeing a ton of photogrpahic posts.  I think, however, they are more interesting that discussion of food….

I took these photos along my running route, when I took the dog out for a walk there.  Unfortunately I can not show the Hill of doom because Teulu didn't get that far.  he mostly was content to sit and watch the big fish fins.


We start by running alpong the path by residential neighbourhoods.  Palm trees of course, abound here in Florida, giving the beginning of the run a tropical feel. 

The path then broadens…

We go up a slight hill, and then,


go through a tunnel on the flat.  It's here that my Garmin tends to short out….and tell me I am running a three min or a 23 min mile…neither is accurate…




but, I have to go through the tunnel, theres no other way.











At the end of the tunnel is a dead end, and we go left or right.  Either way takes us up a fairly steep but very short hill, and then immediately down again…


The sun is usually starting to come up over the horizon, making a pretty picture.

We then go on the unremarkable path for some time, under another tunnel, and up and down some other hills, including the Hill of doom, which I have no photo of….

Eventually we come back to this area.  The sun is up by now…


And this little pond sometimes attracts bird, and almost always has those enormous fins tooling about in the pond, making me a little nervous.  Whatever it is, those are some big fins, which I assume are attached to something even bigger under the water!!!



We go up the hill again, that we earlier ran down…

and then down by the tunnel….where one of the local mile markers is seen.





I'm confused.  I've never seen Mile

zero.  Luckily I do have the Garmin, and it is somewhat good with distance, despite its GPS problem with pace.





After the mile marker….we go back through the first tunnel, up a hill…

and down along the railing for about a half a mile…



I admit to liking the railing….It gives me a landmark to shoot for.  Birds also oftne perch on the railing, giving me something to look at other than the railing…


After a bit we pass the rest of the morning fog that is trapped in a small basin to the left.



And we also get to pass the track  of the National Training Center.

Yesterday on my run, someone way blasting music from that area.  So , as I was surmounting my final hill, I kept hearing, "Everybody get down, boom ba boom ba boom."







And thats about it for my regular running route.

As a quick running note.  I'm not sure why but I am dropping time amazingly.  It could actually be the food. (shhhh, dont tell anyone!).  I'm still desperately slow, but…what is now a comfortable pace is a lot faster than it was before.  I hope it holds and that the two runs I put in this weekend aren't a fluke!

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5 thoughts on “Lets go for a run….

  1. Looks like a beautiful place to run. Gorgeous photos… I eat to run and run to eat. Don't forget that Food = Fuel = Better Running. Slow is OK… don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

  2. that's an awesome route. seems like FL also has that ghostly creeping fog San Francisco trademarked.keep it up! speed will come with time. At least you've got some distance down.

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