Serious Stuff… :D

Teulu is enjoying this…. as a new Canine Hobby….

Can you see what he's concentrating on?


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7 thoughts on “Serious Stuff… :D

  1. That would be Haven! Although she'd likely try and pick it up and then spit it out when it moved in her mouth. I wonder if those little things will make him temporarily forget about his love of bricks.

  2. I miss seeing the little lizards that hung out on our kitchen screen in Texas.
    I hope Teulu just watches and doesn't try to capture. Poor skeered lizard.
    Isn't it great fun learning about new parts of the country and what is 'normal' in Florida is no where close to 'normal' in North Carolina?

  3. What you can't see in that photo (I dont know why) is that there is screening between the white things, so no chance he can get to the lizard. When we first got here he would try to give chase, but now he knows they are too fast for him!

  4. Too cute! Marly tries to catch the little newts that come up to sun on the patio here. They are way too fast for her, but it never deters her attempts! The kitties, on the other hand, sometimes do catch them.

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