Creepy Crawlies

On one of my strolls with the dog, I came across these interestings 8 legged creatures….



After consulting with my ever intelligent about the natural world mother, she immediately identified this as a spider, not a small space alien ship.


It  is a Spined Micrathena. Specifically the "Crab like Orb weaver" or so Bug Guide says thats it! Apparently they are common, and are responsible for many large webs in the woods, but I have rarely seen such a thing, probably because i don't really go looking for spiders!


 Here is the back side of this insect.  It has a nicer background as the other one was facing the parking lot.

Amazing the things God and  Nature creates.

If you are a bug fan (not too many of those)  you might be interested in looking at Bug Guide on the net, its got more than spiders!

I took this using my wierd new Lumix camera, the size of a deck of cards, with a 10 x zoom and a wide angle lense.  We had been concerned that the macro might not be great, but it seems to be alright as long as I let it take a few moments to focus.


PS: apologies to this in my neighbourhood whoa re not fans of creepy things. I tried to use the title to warn you off!!!

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5 thoughts on “Creepy Crawlies

  1. Amazing, yes. But I sure am glad you captured the beauty in those things b/c I sure wouldn't have…I'd have been running the other way!

  2. I actually think she's beautiful as well as cute, but then I have always liked spiders.
    As a child I enjoyed feeding flies to orb weavers and kept a taratula as a pet. My son seems to have inherited this love of spiders, once bringing in a fuzzy black jumping spider with eight shiny big eyes into the house when he was only age three. He giggled as it tickled him while crawling over his little fingers.
    Last winter we found a couple of starving jumping spiders crawling weakly in the house. We kept them safe in jars feeding them flies and other insects. It was amazing how quickly they recovered after just a few insect meals.
    Ok, so my family and I are weird.
    PS. By the way, technically spiders are arachnids, not insects.

  3. Great pics! I think its really kind of cool looking. Not that I'd want to see it crawling up my arm… but you know, safe in its web, perfectly cool!

  4. I prefer spiders outside, I was fascinated by the spider, but don't want to meet one too intimately!
    I KNEW someone would catch my insect faux paus!!!! Oops.
    I'm for some reason loading up on photos….new camera etc. so expect more bug shots!

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