Disgusting to me.

I'm watching the early news today.   I also watched the today show, which has break ins for local news.

The big news today is the anticipated execution of Mark Dean Schwab.  Schwab is a convicted Child rapist and killer here in Florida.  He apparently showed the police the body etc etc, so there is little question to no question of his guilt.  He has been living in Prison for 17 years.  Apparently Schwab, even seventeen years later has showed no remorse, or made any type of remorseful statement to the family press etc.

I'm rather ambivalent towrds the death penalty.  I'm unsure of how I feel about it.  In general I am against executing people, but I also really do not like my tax money paying for prisoners to exersise, watch television, etc etc….So my jury is out on the death penalty.  In fact, I really don't want to debate it at this point in my life. 

What is disturbing to me is the need of the news to plaster across the screen Schwabs last meal request, to discuss the cocktail used to execute prisoners, describe the chambers, etc.  This man apparently is quite reprehensible.  I'm not sure we need to plaster his face, his acts or his last meal all over the television.

Are we as a society that sensationalist that we need to know these things.  I fear all this attention places Schwab at the level of a minor celebrity.  What sort of message does that send?  To me it's just creepy.


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4 thoughts on “Disgusting to me.

  1. I don't like seeing stuff like this, either and will, in fact, turn the channel or even turn the TV off. When the media hypes stuff like this all I can think about are the survivors and how they feel. The parents of the child/ren that he did these reprehensible acts on—-how are they feeling? We know that they already are aware of his execution date, and in some places they have even been 'invited' to watch….so this isn't a shock to them….but having it thrown in their face over and over again is just appalling.
    My stand on the death penalty is similar to yours….not for it, not against it.

  2. I think part of the reason they hype this is that in theory it is supposed to deter people from committing crimes like these. Unfortunately the research is pointing to the fact that it isn't working.Today on NPR they were talking about a project regarding the death penalty and how (in)effective it is. In California there are over 600 men on death row costing tax payers $100 million dollars. And still it takes about 20 years after conviction for a death row inmate to have his sentence carried out. To speed up the process, the recommendation is to double the amount of money spent or perhaps to abolish the death penalty and make the punishment instead, life without the possibility of parole.

  3. I think that with all of the crime and whatnot in movies and even on TV that the news is almost another form of entertainment. People don't stop to think about the "bad people" and what they've done. It's another sensational story.

  4. There certainly seems to be a segment that desires this type of stuff. I've wondered, only half-sarcastically, if the "ultimate" reality TV game show would be one that guarantees that at least one of its contestants will die on camera. People would watch it, and even sadder is that folks would volunteer to be contestants just for the fame and/or chance of prize money.

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