with my choice of camera.  Initially I was worried as it didnt seem to focus well, but after using it for a bit, I think I have figured it out and it does focus well….

In fact I am rather surprised at its capability as it is a simple point and shoot camera and not an SLR.

I tried to identify this common dragonfly, but was not really able to.  But even with out the official name, it is still sort of graceful in a buggy kind of way.

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7 thoughts on “Pleased

  1. That's an amazing shot. No idea what kind it is though.I saw one the other day (not that exotic) perched on a car's antennae. It was so still I thought it had been taped on or something. I realized it wasn't though when it fluttered away.

  2. LOL, I just point and shoot. The only talent I have, if one can call it a talent…is I usually know what will or won't make a decent photo…

  3. Another
    great shot, the more you use that camera the better you will get. At one point
    in time the point and shoot cameras (once called idiot cameras) were ok for a
    quick snap and a 50/50 chance for it being in focus making SLR’s so desirable. Now
    the age of digital camera point and shoot, allowing all with a good eye and a
    desire to snap off some shots, to end up with as great a picture as professionals
    in the capturing of life in motion.

    Keep up the
    great photo taking and what’s the update on the running part of life!?

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