Still Pleased

It took a little while sitting and waiting for the butterfly to land long enough…

But I am so so happy with this one.

I might should crop it a little more.  I was just happy with the blue tone in the spots….

Running is going well, but I will admit I am tired.  Doing a lot of overtime at work is starting to take its toll, but doing overtime when its available is a good way to make money and save it in these wierd economic times.

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2 thoughts on “Still Pleased

  1. Another great
    shot, and I know what you’re talking about with the waiting for a butterfly to
    land to take a photo! A true act in patience, and with your overtime and
    running you probably don’t have much time to spend all that money you are
    making, sounds like a good position to be in at this point in time. Treat
    yourself one of these days, you deserve it, for all the hard work you do and
    for those great photos you have posted!

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