The gym…

I just wanted to post a little about the gym.

I continue to work with the same trainer.  She's alright, very entertaining.  She is really very funny, though we are two totally separate people.  She only reads celebrity magazines and apparently really likes to Line Dance (Last week she was showing me something involving "slapping leather…"who knew..) in addition to running, and biking. I on the other hand, keep trying to read the classics, don't dance at all, and actually like to listen to things like Ornette Coleman  and Tchaikovsky on occasion.  Yet we get along really well.  I think it's because we are both girls and thus she understands girly things much better than my previous trainers.  In addition she runs, and thus is able to actually provide me with all sorts of help with running….unfortunately, I have yet to let her see me really run, too hot when I go in for sessions….we keep talking about me coming to a run and race group but to be honest I am not sure I can.

I think she's actually pretty intelligent, especially about movement, kinetics, etc….whatever you want to call it.  In addition, she has the ability to really focus so I rarely lose focus when I work with her.  When I work with me alone i sometimes sort of lose track of what I am doing. 

Recently though, I have started to do an exercise that actually is difficult for me…and makes it hard for me to sit down the next day!  I can't figure out if its a good thing that the muscles I use to sit apparently are very flabby!!!

It started with this… which was actually a fun exercise.  On occasion I lost the ball and it was a lot of fun.


Unfortunately about 3 weeks ago she decided this wasn't that challenging, so now I have to do them one legged. the other leg goes straight up in the air. It's hard to do.  I tend to lose the ball, or start to bend my foot at an odd angle to get a hold of the ball.  This week it was slightly easier, but for the second week in a row, I find the next day…I am soooo sore.  I feel like a truck ran over me.  I can still run well, so I have come to the conclusion that whatever hurts isn't really used that much in running…but boy is it hard to sit!.  amazing.

Running is going well.  Upon advice from jeffandrew916 I am looking for softer places to run, but so far no luck.  I seem to be dropping time like crazy, so I suppose eating is good, I wish it was remotely something I want to do as much as I have to do it!    

I saw the Nutritionist today.  She said she was happy with my food intake over the past 2 weeks.  Not so happy with my attempt to decrease exersise, but…well…I can only do so much. She's starting to understand that I am eating to run…she wants to convert me to eating for fun, but it may or may not happen… 

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One thought on “The gym…

  1. I might try that exercise!
    By the way – I bought some new New Balance running shoes in Mystic – there's a good running shop there.. as we left, the mail delivery guy who had been in there bumped into us and told us that the old man who had given me lots of advice and served me was David Kelley who won the Boston Marathon in 1947!
    I'm tempted to do the Boston Half next October… as we're deciding about a return trip to New England in the Fall…

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