Oh Geeez

I am signed up for a Night Shift tonight.  When working Nights on a contract its alright, but doing one out of the blue is usually not the greatest.

It seemed like a good idea at the time!!!!  I am sure afterwards the paycheck will be a nice surprise…but right now with it staring me in the face, I am a little displeased at my decision.  Well, it should earn me enough to cover both race fees and hotel.  Unsure about flgiht. 

Ahhh, but to be asleep….Well, I'll just have to nap in the afternoon.

In other news, i seem to have a problem sticking with a theme.  Luckily there are several to choose from.

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One thought on “Oh Geeez

  1. Nights are never fun… but at least the folks who work night shift are focused on important things… like trying to do their jobs. Administrators and others whose purpose I sometimes wonder about are no where to be found.

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