My Garmin ceased to function this morning.  It will not turn on.  This is annoying me no end.  I found myself running on the treadmill this morning because even though I Know distances (Well I know three and 6 miles, no split times), I also have an issue with  not knowing pace.  I run races without the Garmin, but I don't run too well training without it.

SInce I never use the HRM, I am thinking of seeing how cheap the 205's have gotten.

or getting it repaired, but I know getting it repaired will take forever.


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6 thoughts on “Defunct

  1. Hrmmm…. the Beloved's Garmin (for driving) will no longer charge from the car… they sent us a new cable, but that wasn't it…. we're not happy.

  2. LOL… I have a couple friends that can't funtion without their Garmin. A few years back we were running one of those relay races (12 person 203 miles point to point) and one of the guys was SO dependent on his that when his watch said that he had run 4.3 miles (which was the length of his leg in the race guide) he stopped. The exchange point was another 1/2 mile around the corner. So the van was setting there wondering what happened to him and he stood there wondering why there was no exchange zone…

  3. Your friends experience is Precisely why i don't race with the sucker. In addition I find I race a little better when not looking at pace. But I'm going for the 405 without the HRM, because I am indeed dependent on a day to day basis. I just hope they deliver really rapido! I have a 6 miler on Sunday and I dont want to do it on the mill….or without my beloved Garmin!

  4. I have become hooked to my 405 but more so for the bike than my runs. Pace is nice on the runs but elevation is what is important to me on the bike. Either way I'm addicted to it.
    Just recently though I took the bike out with no watch, cyclometer, or hrm and it was really nice just to go for a ride without any metrics.
    There's also several type sites that will provide distance and you can figure out the rest from there!

  5. How annoying!!!
    I use my Garmin 301 extensively, mostly to pay attention to my heart rates. It is also allows me to know how far I've traveled when running on trails. Where I run, you cannot measure the mileage by driving it in your car.
    I find that even now, I tend to push myself much harder than I should and pay for it later in the run. The HRM keeps me honest and forces me to slow down. It also is an early warning that something is going wrong. If my heart rate goes up higher than it should for a given pace and there is no reason for it (ie hotter weather than usual) then I need to look into it.
    The GPS has helped me find my way back to the car when running on trails at night at least once.
    One big problem…
    The battery lasts only 13 hours but my runs are sometimes longer than that. I am thinking of getting a solar charger to help keep it charged, at least during the day. However, with my luck, the Garmin will fail as soon as I invest in one of those.

  6. OK so most annoying. I decided to bite the bullet and get a new one yesterday. Ordered it, and it will arrive tomorro, this morning while getting coffee, I notice my old one is now flashing and working correctly. Of course I am tempted with the new one because it is smaller and weighs less…
    but it was such an unexpected expense. Well, I'm going to wait and see how much bigger my overtime paycheck was. and maybe I can swing it. I did accidently order the wrong color so at least I could return it for a green one.

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