Here's a nice, static photo…


which I enjoyed taking.  I like the bright colors.

Not too much going on here.

Work has been busy and such.  Lots of actual sick people, and a variety of people who seem to have an Attention Deficit Disorder (Not enough attention at home).  The combo is good though because I can basically not worry about the ADD people and concentrate on the "I'm trying to die" people.  I think if offerred I'll stay through the winter here, then I will have to move on due to tax laws.  I really love Florida, but I still own a home in NC and I can not imagine selling it in this market today. 

We are having typical bad Florida weather. I woke to a storm last night that had such loud and long thunder I couldn't identify it.  I sat there for a moment and was thinking Jet plane, really low flying Jet.  Finally when I saw the lightening I realized it was thunder.  The rain is nice.  The Cranes appear to have taken up residence in the pond by the apartment, so I have been seeing them regularly.  They are people shy though so I still have to stalk them for photos.

I have had a difficult time with the Doctor this week and have pretty much become completely repulsed by eating and all things eating (cooking, food prep, talking about food etc). I have still managed about 80% of what I am supposed to be eating.  I have an appointment with the Nutritionist this afternoon, and I will call the Doctor today.  I wasn't going ot call him over the weekend because even though I hear alarm bells going off in my head, I think it really wasn't an emergency, plus I am not sure he could have course corrected this over the phone. I have to go back on Thursday anyway, so hopefully this will all be history by then.

I did my first week of training for the Marathon…It was fairly non eventful overall.  The Six mile run was a bit long and hilly, and caused me some frustration, but the three milers were fun.  I need New shoes and I am debating if I go back to mizunos  or stick with the Pearl Izumi's  The PI's show that I really need no motion control.  However, the PI's are motion control shoes and I have not really had any major injury in them, so I am confused.  Mizunos are less expensive and look cuter.  But the PI's seem to have done me good.  Because I am a dork, I am repeating the first week of Mrathon training this week, just to be sure I got it right!!!  Then its onwards very very quickly with Mileage increases each week for it seems like forever. I have done something wierd to my right foot and it hurts, but neither Motrin or Ice help it and it doesnt hurt too much when running so I am just sort of ignoring it, and hoping it heals.   

I was asked out on a date by a HUUUUUUGE man, like 6 feet tall 400 pounds.  I'm confused by this because I can't figure what he thinks we have in common.  Luckily, while I said yes, I dropped a hint to one of his buddies that I was just not that into him and he didnt call.  I was just so so shocked that he asked me that I couldn't think of anything socially appropriate to say.   like my options in my mind were NOOOOOOOO!   or Uh ok I guess.  the big no seemed rude.  I know theres a real person inside that guy, but I can not get past the belly that has a life of its own.  I'm shallow, right.  

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2 thoughts on “Updateish

  1. We are all
    shallow to a point even the best of people when you are not attracted to a
    person its hard to get passed that, everything becomes repulsive! But if you
    like a person everything you found as faults in others some how doesn’t really
    matter or becomes no real big deal!

    I guess he
    wasn’t the right one for you, maybe next time, lots of luck in that and another
    nice photo keep on clicking!

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