news, but not much of it.

Nothing too out of the ordinary has gone on this week, I have not even found any good things to photograph!

I did get new running shoes.  I really couldn't afford a new Pair of Pearl's so I finally chose some Nikes.  They felt OK on the treadmill.  I like that the heel cups are nice and narrow and seem to hold on to my foot. the color is hideous.


But so are the Pearls, so I am used to wearing bad looking shoes.  The Pearls are not quite retired, but very close.  I ran Seven miles in the Pearls today and was less than pleased.  But I am unsure if its the shoe, or if I was just tired.

The run itself was OK.  I hadn't run Seven since JANUARY this year, so it was a little trying on the later hills.  I was pretty happy with the time, especially because I am training on some big hills and neither my Half or full Marathon have Huge hills towards the end of the race.  So, I am starting to get very excited.  I might actually make it to the starting line for the races I intended in the latter half of 2008.

Going to try out the less expensive (by some amount) Triax tomorro on the treadmill. 

On a trainer Vacation….There is not a special until Aug 17th.  Trainer is going to try to talk the PT manager into letting me have the special early.  She's OK that way.  Very supportive of my slow plodding. 

Work has been busy.  I had a great experience of taking care of a man with essentially a dying heart.  I told him really the only way to fix his problem is a Pacemaker.  He sort of freaked out, wanting to take a pill or something…. three days later by chance I ran into the patient and his wife leaving the hospital post Pacemaker insertion.  He was all smiles, thanked me profusely, and looked great.  I rarely get to see the results, just the beginning, so it was really neat.  I'm glad he is doing well.

Eating is not fun.  I had an appointment with the nutritionist today. She and I seemed to be at odds.  It was odd.  I had had a lovely lovely day, then sitting in the waiting area, I just really wanted to leave.  I'm starting to really feel resistant to the meal template.  Just once I would like to eat what I want, but it's not really happening.  I have MD tomorro again.  I have plans for things to be better, but he may come up with something totally different.

Otherwise, lots of rain and thunder and lightening as usual.

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6 thoughts on “news, but not much of it.

  1. You can usually tell a good running shoe based on how unfashionable it is. I've had that color yellow in my shoes. I've also had a baby blue (also not my kind of color). Now I have a mauve to hot pink color. It too isn't really a me color.

  2. How do those Nikes compare to your Mizunos? Didn't you use those before you got the Pearls? Nice job with the training – I've noticed that you've been getting some good miles and I bet your race will go well.

  3. You need to
    find out if your running problem is in the equipment or just tire out you!
    Unfortunately if you find a shoe that works perfect for you, then buy two of
    them because they always discontinue what works, or at least that happens to me
    in pants, shoes, anything I go back and that item has been discontinued!

    And as far
    as a nutritionist and eating or dislike of eating, I wish you lots of
    luck with it. Eating has never been something I ever enjoyed to do I only ate
    anything because I needed to for this thing called living, what a waste of

  4. Not that I've ever tried running in Nike's, but I am a huge fan of New Balance. Mind you, I wouldn't really have a clue about good running shoes. If they cost around $100 and are comfy, they'll do me!

  5. Hey Havy!

    Well, I've only run 4 miles in them, and on the treadmill. the heel cup fits better than the Mizunos. there is this sort of thing under the forefoot that I find a bit annoying, kind of a bump, but I think over time I will adust. I almost went back to Mizunos, they have a super light training shoe out, but I was leary of such a hard shoe since the Pearls are soft and very heavy…
    I need to do 5 on Sunday so we shall see how it goes.
    Yes, I am getting good miles, but slow…and the seven was definitely an eye opening experience with the hills thrown in!
    How is your Hamstring??? My friends son has torn his during baseball and having a lot of pain.

  6. Slow miles are good miles when prepping for a marathon!Hamstring is healing – yesterday's 2-mile trail run had steep sections and my leg felt fine. Today, though, it's a bit sore but not painful, if that makes sense.

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