Little tidbits.

Nothing lately seems to be worth an entire post.  Photography opportunities have been limited, and I've been working a ton of overtime, so perhaps thats why!

Work has been OK.  Last week I had one day where I felt really cranky.  I felt sort of dumped on by the triage nurse, she kept adding patients to my rooms….I got over it though and have somewhat befriended her and have noted that suddenly I am less overloaded by her when she is in triage which is all the time…. I'm putting in a lot of overtime.  July turned into a terribly expensive month for me. Plane tickets, race fees,gym renewal, new shoes, you name it, I had to get it. I am hoping that by doing the overtime I can make ends meet.  Unfortunately I did just dip into savings to make 100% sure I could cover everything.  I know that is what savings are for, but…I don't want to dipping in again in August.


Running seems to be going well.  I'm still a little slow.  I took the Nike Triax's out for an outside run today.  I only did 5 miles, but for some reason I found it difficult.  At mile 4 I found myself actually cold (in Florida!).  At the end I ended up actually laying down on the sidewalk because i felt so nauseous.  The time however, was pretty good, so I guess I was just working a little hard.  The shoes were alright, still very light compared to the Pearls.  I'm very curious to see how I do in the half….

Eating is alright.  Not great, but I am doing it.

Only other news is that I confirmed my inkling that the Morse Museum in WInter Park is indeed the museum that my Grandmother donated her Tiffany stuff to.  My Great Grandmother was a Letterer for Louis Comfort Tiffany.  She recieved several items from her Mother.  Some time in the 1980's she decided to donate it.  The Morse Museum is about 200 feet from my nutritionists office.  I want very much to see these items, so I believe I shall call them. I hope they will show me the specific items and that they will allow me to photograph some of them.  I;d like to share this with my cousins.  It's a piece of out heritage, as all of us could have inherited the items instead.  As a family, it is best in the museum since they are properly cared for, and we can not squabble over the stuff, and many people can see the tiems then and learn something about their American heritage.  But I do hope they will let me look at the things…

Otherwise, been a bit exhausted.

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3 thoughts on “Little tidbits.

  1. That's pretty cool about your great grandmother and the donations to the museum.
    Sorry you had to dip into savings. Hope August is better. 🙂

  2. it sounds strange that you are cold after running only 4miles, I would say you should look into that but I know you wouldn't unless in passing in a conversation to a medical friend… Take care and hopefully you will get a good photo of the past

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