Just a little post to reflect a bit on running in the past month or so.

I'm now three weeks into my Marathon training plan.  Things are going well I think.

I'm injury free.  I still get some aches and pains, especially in my right foot and my left knee and shin.  I just do my best not to overstress them by not running too many days in a row and planning carefully for longer runs. 

I'm still dropping time like crazy.  When I got to Florida I guess my diet was so screwed up it really was not helping me run.  Now that things have been somewhat corrected, it is amazing how much easier things are.  This morning I ran 3 miles faster than I can ever recall running it, and it actually included some walking. So, wierdly, even with walking I am coming along well.

My new Nikes are doing alright.  I never really thought I;d like the Nikes, but they seem to fit pretty well, especially the heel and have OK energy return.  Admittedly the Pearl izumis had better energy return, but they also were quite heavy.  I'm really glad that they are working out. 

The weather has been pretty terrible.  It's warm and humid.  Even at 5:30 am the humidity is at about 80%. I figure it is good conditioning.  Yes there are treadmills at the gym, but it's not the same.  I had a lot of fun so far this week outside.  I chased several dragonflies and birds down the path, said hello to regular walkers and runners on the path, and enjoy a variety of sunrises.  Both of my days off this week the pool was closed due to torrential rains….so i feel behind there but I need to admit, I'm actually tired…

I'm really excited about the entire half marathon coming up.  I have not even registered yet because financially I am a mess, but I should get paid at midnight tonight, sooooo, first thing I want to do is do flights hotels race fees and kennels for the pooch…. and then hope for the best.  Not so sure I can handle the 5000 feet altitude, but I get to try!

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5 thoughts on “Running

  1. It sounds like you are doing really well, and enjoying it… glad to hear that your times are dropping too – that means you're getting fitter and stronger. What time are you aiming for on the half marathon? Also glad to hear that you're feeling the benefits of eating properly.
    Keep up the good work – you're an inspiration.

  2. Since the half is actually a training run in week 6 or so of the Marathon plan, and at 5000 feet altitude, I don't really have a time goal in mind. i'll probably be very slow and do something like a 2:30. I just don't know how its going to be at altitude.

  3. I think I'll have a better idea when I do the nine miler next week. I find I'm getting faster at the shorter distances, but at the longer ones, still pretty slow. Either way I am getting enthused about a trip….

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