I’m on my way

I got paid last night via the automated pay machine.  Because I did do some overtime, I had an extra 200.00 in the check, which was very welcome and needed.  It's gone now!

Financially I rather regret choosing the Half Marathon I did since it is a bit expensive. THe actual race was inexpensive, but the getting there…. On the other hand, I get to see some friends, and do something a little different, and this is very very welcome.  I would have changed it, but by the time I realized I was going to be pinched money-wise my friend Jim and his wife already had hotel reservations.  So I am going to make sure to really enjoy New Mexico, especially as I will be there for only about 1.5 days!!!! 

SInce I did have the money and I have 2 more days of overtime in the next paycheck planned, I went ahead and got the hotel, the flight and registered for the race

I am hoping the elevation doesn't kill me.  I've been told the only way to handle it is to hydrate like crazy and to get there very close to the race.  I arrive at 3pm the day before the race, so I think my body will still think it's still at home when I start running.  Based on my experience in New Mexico before, I'll be drinking gallons. 

The actual couse should be quite nice….


This elevation profile shows the whole Marathon.  The Half starts at mile thirteen and is, as anyone can see, pretty flat.  Some people have said after training on hills they found their legs got wierdly tired without hills, but I have to say the only thing lately I like about hills is the down portion of them, and even that isn't that great. 

New Mexico is a really Unique place.


As such, the race benefits an Usual Cause: Tourette's Syndrome.  I have only met one person with Tourette's that I know of, and I can see how it can be very disabling.  I really knew nothing about Tourette's except that it causes some people to uncontrollably utter obsenities.  Fortunately, after I looked it up on Wiki, I learned quite a bit more.  So it's nice to benefit something other than the usual charities.

My only sadness is that I registered too late to get a nice wicking shirt.  I hope they will at least give me a regular cotton t shirt.  I do get a uber cool medal, if I finish.

Things have been progressing properly so far, with only a few glitches.  Lets hope I make it through.  Less than a month until the half….

Oh and I'm thrilled to report my fundraising efforts are over 1000 dollars for the Marathon!!!!  Yay!!!! 

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7 thoughts on “I’m on my way

  1. Hi.
    The elevation may be some issue for you coming from sea level. Living in Denver we see visitors all the time who experience some impact. Since you are training and in better shape than most tourists the impact should be minimal. Stay hydrated for certain but don't over do it. Your urine should be light straw in color. Pay attention to your heartrate and slow down/walk if it hits your HR ceiling suddenly. Cheers!

  2. My brother has undiagnosed Tourettes – a pretty mild case, but he twitches, and has nervous tics, and he's also not very good at knowing when he's offended people. He's very blunt, which is a family trait, but he oversteps the mark without realising. This is an aspect more of Asperger's, but the two conditions are linked through Autism.
    Good luck with the race – I'm all for flat courses, but I've never done altitude running.

  3. Good luck on the race. I like the elevation change on the course for the marathon. I wonder what that does to one's quads in the midst of a marathon.Luckily you won't have to contend with that. Happy running.

  4. "I wonder what that does to one's quads in the midst of a marathon." If one isn't careful running downhill it can really burn the quads out. Then when you hit the flats you are flat. The urge to speed up when going downhill is strong but unless you train on hills you are better off just maintaining your pace. Cheers!

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