Oh i am soooo sick of work.  When I first started here, I wanted Overtime.  They didn't let us travelers do OT because we are expensive.  Now of course, there has been upheaval, the manager left under duress (And I thought she was alright at her job…) So a lot has changed.  A lot of overtime is now available.  And how perfect that it comes when I feel broke.  (I still have about 2 months of savings in my readily accessible account, BUT….I like to have at least 4-5.

I've been taking opportunities as they come.  This week though will be a doozy.  I worked Sat for 12 hours and Sunday for 6.  Today I do 12.  I have tuesday off.  Wednesday I do twelve.  Thursday I have off.  Friday I do 12, Sat and SUn I do 10.  monday I am back for 12.  and on it goes. 

This usually goes one of two ways.  Either I get very cranky and somewhat resistant to getting basic stuff done. (Not for the patients, but the paperwork suffers etc.)  or I get so used to being at work that everything gets done and when I get a day off I am unsure how to use it. 

It's also a ramp up week for training for the Marathon. 

If I can make it through August, I should have a built up my savings a bit, feel more secure and be able to go back to normal hours for a while. 

Have not heard from my special guy in a week now, as he has some stressful stuff coming up.  So on top of all of the work, I feel stressed due to that, but oh well….it's not as if he doesn't know where to find me…and it's pretty much gaurenteed that I'll be there, except for sleeping hours!


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4 thoughts on “work.

  1. It does sound like you'll be under it – BUT, keep in mind the end rewards, and if it means you can take a few weeks off before your next job to really relax and recuperate it'll be worth it. I'm impressed with you having so much saved – we don't have anywhere near that!

  2. Ooog! What a schedule. At least the money will be nice – how great that you have that much saved. I am by no means a saver…though, I have been trying (sort of) lately.

  3. I hope the money will be nice. Occasionally the OT bumps me into a different tax bracket, and it all goes to the Government! So far, I'm managing to make my days off pretty fun and relaxing, plus Monday was a fairly easy day, which helped immensly.
    For savings, I auto deduct into an IRA and that helps. Of course I'm talking right now about liquid savings. dollars I can get to!

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