Nine Mile Burn

I did nine miles today.  The last time I did that was January at my parents house on a rails to trails trail.  As many of you know, a railway converted to a running path tends to be fairly flat, because of course it wasn't really economical to run trains up and down steep hills.  Today was different from that run.  Of course it wasn't snowing either….

While I felt slow and it was definitely a very very hard run for me, I noted that it was a whopping 12 minutes faster than the run in January.  And my run today had loads of hills.  So, I feel pretty good about it.  I'm not quite on track for a fast half, but I am on track for the half.  My Pacing was totally whack.  I found that I was having trouble slowing myself down, but of course unable to complete all 9 at a 9:50 pace, so why was I going that fast, I wonder….I hope that my pacing gets better as I do more longer runs, because I think it's a lot harder when its off.  My fastest pace was a 7:30 mile, which was not at all what I was supposed to be doing.  I need more experience with pacing properly.  My trainer says always to go and feel like I'm going too slow and that is probably the right pace, but….it's pretty hard to maintain that for me.

I met 2 ladies today when I was coming out of the gym.  I was so pleased because I have not met many people here as I am slightly antisocial.  Turns out we live in the same complex.  She is an Ironman finisher, and is running a Marathon training group out of Winter Garden. She invited me to come to some workouts.  I'm debating it.  I'd love to make some friends, but I am not sure it wouldn't cause me problems with my eating and body image. 

I'm pretty tired, and i still have a training session today.  I guess it's nap time.

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4 thoughts on “Nine Mile Burn

  1. Well done! You are doing brilliantly, and that is pretty good to be up to 9miles already, and running under 8minute miles!!! You should feel good about yourself – you're really nailing it.

  2. LOL, the race is in three weeks, so nine is the low end of where I might should be….
    but that 7:30 was just a pace, I might have held it for a quarter mile, not longer…
    but it shows theres some room for improvement….

  3. Good for you!
    They say that we all should start out slow and then increase our pace the latter half of our long runs. It doesn't matter if you are training to run 13 or 100m. Now, of course I don't often succeed in following this advice either, but it is what they say.
    By the way, unless someone is an extremely good friend, I don't like training with others too much either. There is always a tendency to push myself too much and go harder and faster than I should.
    Best of luck!
    I am sure you will eat that half for lunch (or breakfast, depending on the time of day it will be run)!

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