Well, I surely have been working Overtime.  Here's XTC to pay tribute to my effot….



Lets see if this works. 


This week I did 15 hours of OT.   This next week, starting today I am doing 21 hours.  I am feeling a bit tired, but better than I expected.  We have had some interesting patients as of late, which is always nice, though sometime a bit nerve wracking.

I'm a little sad that I am not seeing much of the olympics.  I;m watching, but at the times I can watch there seem to be very odd sports being shown.  Or I guess stuff I am not that interested in.  So far I've seen Team handball, Hockey, Soccer, and beach volleyball.  I go to bed so early I miss part of the prime time broadcast even!

Running is going well.  At short distances (5-6 miles)  I feel good.  I'm running good times.  My pacing is still off and frustrating, but I assume over time I'll figure it out.  (Tips?)  I have not been running as fast as I am now in a long long time, so I think thats part of the problem.  I have not done too much at the gym except run because of the insane work schedule.  This coming week should be a bit better in spite of the extra shifts. 

I'm starting to get very excited about running the Half in New Mexico.  I just want to be careful not to have any expectations.  There is going to be thin air, and with travel etc, I might just not perform up to my own expectations!!!

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4 thoughts on “Overtime

  1. Good luck with New Mexico. It looks like its a beautiful area. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my neighborhood. I need to get motivated to run some longer distances. I typically run a 3 and half mile route.

  2. Good luck and hopefully you will do better then you think you could or maybe even set a new personal best!Been watching the Olympics just dose not seem to be or have that feel that goes with the olympics but it could just be me! again do well in New Mexico and take care!

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