Double Digits.

Long run day today.  Ten miles.  I don't really remember the last time I did it.  I had my garmin set for 9 miles since that was my longest run.  Today i had to reset it which was a but exciting.

I did a little better with pacing the run today. I still got going a little too fast at miles 3-4, but it was still a better paced run.  I started to fade a  bit on mles 6 and 7.  I think it was due to the big hill sections during those miles.  Miles 9 and ten shaped up better…but I was pretty happy to be finished.  As always I had wierd toe pains in the latter part of the run.  I don't know why my toes hurt, you;d think it would be something else. 

Pace is still slow on the long runs.  But…hope everything works out.

Craving pancakes with syrup…

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4 thoughts on “Double Digits.

  1. Well done you! It's a great feeling knowing that you can run 10 miles, isn't it!? I miss that.
    Not sure about the pains in your toes – mine go numb sometimes…
    Don't worry about some miles being slower than others – I always do the first half of a race faster, but then it evens out at the end to be a 6mph pace.
    Have pancakes with syrup… and some bacon for protein – you've earned it.

  2. In the words of TS Eliot, "Only those who are willing to risk pushing too far will ever know how far they can go."
    Looks like you're on pace for the half. I'm glad to see you feeling better. I agree with runnergirl, enjoy some pancakes, you earned it.

  3. Excellent! It is hard to hold back at the beginning of a long run. I am sure you'll do great at your half. The toe pain could be for any number of reasons: metarsalgia and others. Enjoy your pancakes!

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