Milk Rant

Ok this is more of a message to Target.

Dear Target Super store.


Your milk stinks.  In fact, almost every time i have purchased milk from you, it has been spoiled when I open it, despite the date.  I can not imagine that this is because you are getting spoiled milk from whomever you get it from.  I will admit that I am really picky about milk.  I grew up in the Dairy area of Pennsylvania.  Our milk was produced locally, like 8 miles from my house.  It was fresh and really inexpensive.  In fact, I was surprised to find over the Holidays this year that it remains both fresh and very inexpensive (think 2.65 a gallon!).  SO maybe I just don't know what milk shipped all over the country tastes like. 

I tend to think this is not the case though.  As I have gotten so many cartons of spoiled milk from Target, I now go to Publix  for milk.  It is NEVER bad.  I'm concluding you dont really have your freezer temp adjusted. 

I hate having to go shopping at two places for groceries.  I would prefer to shop at Target instead as Target is less expensive in general.  However, I can't because your milk is always horrid.

Thus today I went to Publix and Target.  At Publix I found blueberries on sale, and some less expensive veggies.  SO sorry Target, if you would simply stop selling me bad milk, you'd get more of my money!


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5 thoughts on “Milk Rant

  1. You should send this to Target. Unless someone complains they may not know there is a problem.
    You could come to my house and have all the blueberries you can pick—for free. ~sigh~ we picked six gallons this weekend and I know we left at least six more out there. I gave them all away at work yesterday.
    I can't wait to get moved to T-town I will have a choice of shopping places: Target, Publix, Wal~Mart SuperCenter, Piggly Wiggly—and others! I get giddy just thinking of the possibilities I will have once we sell and get moved. LOL!!

  2. what ever happened to going to grocery stores for grocery's and clothing stores for clothing and whatever for whatever! I used too for the convince just pick up stuff at whatever store I was in but when you get bad stuff you have to kind of expect it there not a grocery store an most of the people there are hired on the cheap where grocery stores pay good money for the people to stock the shelves! so maybe the minimum wage guy takes the milk out of the fridge at the back then takes his brake then if he has time stalking shelves of this and that puts the milk away, now they have warmed up enough so his/her little hands don't get cold!

  3. Yuck! We've had some problems with our grocery store brand organic milk. We've switched to a dfferent brand and haven't had issues. Andrew took so many gallons of milk back but some we did not because of the effort.

  4. I loved Publix when we were in Florida… the only supermarket I still haven't been to and want to try is a Piggly Wiggly – purely for the fact that it is called that… we have such boring supermarket names over here!

  5. Store-bought milk just does not taste the same. We try to avoid big box stores whenever we can and not only because of bad milk. But sometimes there is no choice.
    Jeanne and I talked about possibly getting a milk cow and raising a few bottle calves, once the family is moved out here and settled. We had dairy goats in the past when we lived in Wyoming. I really enjoyed making homemade yogurt and cheese. The feta turned out particularly good.
    But it is a LOT of work and a great time commitment. Literally you must milk twice a day every day. If we would like to be out of town for weekend, it is not too difficult to find someone to feed the dogs and horses and pick the chicken egges. Finding someone to milk the cow while you're gone is another story. So that's why we don't know if we'll ever venture into home dairy again or not.
    I agree… you should let the Target folks know. Of course, the local manager probably won't give a darn, similar to the time we tried to return a faulty pair of shoes to Walmart.
    That is why we go to smaller locally owned stores when we can. If we need something they don't have, or we are looking for a bargain, there is always the internet (obviously that wouldn't work for milk).

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