Treadmill Running.

I'm having such a problem with being so so tired lately, I have started to wonder if the culprit may actually be the lower heart rate.  Several times at work when we have not been busy I have found myself feeling as if I could simply fall asleep.  I slipped my finger into the pulse ox and found my rate was 41 and 40.  I noted that at 54 and 60 I felt much more alert and awake.

So I asked another Cardiologist today.  he looked at my much passed around EKG asked my age and then said, I think i'll like to run you on a treadmill.

I have no money, so I was like, sorry can;t do it, my insurance is not that good.  So he has agreed to not dictate an official report, but to simply run me on the mill and run some strips. 

I hope this will finally get me over my worry about my heart.  I know its fine, but yet there is some little question still. 

I'll be getting him something nice and fun as a thank you, and cookies for the tech. 

I have to wonder too how much of this is simply because I have all this technology here at work!  If I didnt check my BP a few times a week, I would have never noted this alarming heart rate and I;d still be blissfully unaware. 


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4 thoughts on “Treadmill Running.

  1. As the old saying goes: ignorance is bliss.
    I hope the treadmill runs puts you at ease. Bless that cardio doc and the techs. Such sweethearts for doing this unofficially.

  2. Rule number one if you work in a health care profession: never volunteer for tests if you do not want to the know the answer. As I-L-Eeyore said above, ignorance CAN be bliss. We in the health care professions can sometimes be the worst of patients, but DO NOT tell that to our patients.
    Of course, I have violated this rule on numerous occasions. Sometimes I was pleased with the results and other times not.
    That's good they're looking into this further and that they're willing to do this off the record.
    But don't forget that the patients the cardiologist sees most often are sedentary couch potatoes at high risk for heart disease. Sometimes, they are unsure of what to make of someone who is physically active and living healthy because sadly, we are so uncommon.

  3. I've been debating if I really want to go this week. I'll have to do it after a 12 mile long run. but of course, i should probably look at it a bit more…. our cards docs see mostly octegearians, so…it might be interesting….

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